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Case Study

Marion County Helps Law Enforcement and Judicial Officers Work More Efficiently with Electronic Warrants


Time to issue warrants from hours to minutes


Time for officers to focus on public safety


Warrant processing helps ensure delivery of justice

Cumbersome manual processes for obtaining warrants often made it difficult for the court to issue large volumes of these documents in a timely, efficient manner. Working with BerkOne, Marion County harnessed Cognitive Capture, Mobility & Engagement and Process Orchestration technologies, key pillars of the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform, to deliver an innovative electronic warrants system. By replacing paper files with digital documents, Marion County is streamlining the submission, review and authorization processes.

“Kofax technology is helping us to shape a much more streamlined approach to warrant processing.”
Amitav Thamba
Chief Technology Officer

About Company

The largest county in the state of Indiana, Marion County is home to more than 900,000 people. The Marion Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all criminal cases filed in the county and is comprised of 36 elected judges, 29 commissioners and magistrates, as well as more than 750 administrative staff.


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