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Make Better Lending Decisions

Automation to Streamline Processes for Faster, Smarter Decision-making

Tungsten Automation revolutionizes commercial lending processes by offering a suite of advanced solutions that drive efficiency, compliance, and borrower satisfaction. Our user-friendly digital platform simplifies the application process, providing end-to-end visibility and resulting in 50% faster responses to inbound loan requests. With advanced AI-driven automation, we enhance compliance while reducing processing times by streamlining data ingestion, document checks, and verifications. Real-time personalized communication based on borrower preferences and loan application stages ensures relevance and engagement throughout the process. Our scalable systems efficiently handle larger volumes of applications and inquiries without overwhelming human resources, ensuring seamless operations. And we leverage advanced AI, GenAI, and Machine Learning functionalities to improve data reliability by enhancing precision in data extraction, process reviews and data comparisons leading to faster, smarter decision making. At Tungsten Automation, we empower lenders to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and deliver exceptional borrower experiences in the dynamic landscape of commercial lending.
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Enhanced Compliance and Efficiency

Reduce processing time and enhance efficiency with document ingestion accuracy, content understanding and visibility, and automated data reviews and comparisons. 

Improved Data Reliability

Enhance the precision of data extraction from with advanced AI and ML to reduce the need for repetitive reviews.


Efficiently process a higher volume of loan applications, inquiries, and documents, while easing human workload impact.

Solution capabilities

Advanced AI/Generative AI

Simplify document recognition, extraction, data review and comparisons, decision-making, and workflow design with GenAI.

Dynamic Workflows

Easily adapt workflows based on changing conditions.

Multi-Channel Capture

Manage and process content for any source, any format. 

Business Rules Engine

Define and apply business rules for faster, smarter decision-making.

Data Validation

Validate extracted data for precise accuracy and consistency.

Borrower Engagement

Enhance borrower experiences through greater visibility and self-service interactions.

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Yes, it is certified in ISO/IEC 27001, The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and is compliant in SOC 3 and GDPR
The solution has NLP capabilities, can process borrower emails, segregating it by service request and forward to requisite internal teams. It can, also, provide sentiment analysis data for the same
The solution offers turnkey integration between commercial lending and downstream systems via extensive library of pre-built connectors and configurable APIs for major vendors such as Finastra, nCino as well as proprietary bank platforms and lending applications. There is also an integration solution for systems with no, poor or outdated APIs.
Yes, it offers real-time monitoring, analytics tools, and reporting capabilities to track the performance of commercial loans. This enables proactive risk management and data-driven decisions for optimizing loan portfolios
The solution eliminates manual data entry and redundant reviews, automating both data retrieval and review processes with reliable data to enhance the overall speed of processing and scalability
Automation facilitates collaboration by providing a centralized platform for communication and document sharing. This ensures real-time access to information, fostering efficient coordination between departments
It prioritizes data security with 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, access controls, and adherence to industry regulations. The solution ensures the secure handling of sensitive borrower information throughout the automation process