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Tungsten e-Invoice Network

Realize 100% compliant invoice digitization that encompasses every supplier regardless of size or location


Digitize invoice processes for faster, easier and more secure global trade

Tungsten e-Invoice network connects businesses, suppliers and their financial institutions in a proprietary digital network. This facilitates the secure exchange of electronic invoices that meet country and regulatory mandates, enabling businesses to automate the accounts payable processes, streamline payments, and provide suppliers visibility into invoice status.
Drive agility and reduce costs

Tungsten e-Invoice Network helps enterprises achieve the promise of true e-invoice automation. This single goal is reflected in every engagement, from customized systems integration, to white-glove supplier onboarding and robust compliance services.

When evaluating e-invoicing, it is critical to consider the technical aspects, but also the supplier enablement services. Tungsten was the best option for both components.
Pam Carper
Manager of Disbursements, Schneider Electric

Unleash the Power of InvoiceAgility: Any Invoice, Anywhere, Any Way

Efficiently navigate the maze of invoice requirements spanning regions, languages, and complaince.

Eight reasons to explore Tungsten invoice network

No matter how suppliers send invoices, Tungsten e-Invoice network converts them to electronic data, generating 100% transaction and spend visibility for buyers – valuable data to enhance spending oversight and analysis. Invoice exceptions are eliminated or resolved quicker, payments are generated faster, and vendor supply chain relationships are strengthened.

100% invoice digitization

Streamline operations, remove unnecessary back-office processes and enable the front office to thrive. There’s no software or hardware to install - exchange invoice data with suppliers in any format, and Tungsten does the rest.

Country compliance

Tungsten’s compliant network lets enterprises futureproof the business and stay ahead of legal obligations while reducing the potential for fraud and human error.

White glove supplier onboarding

A network only succeeds when all players participate. Tungsten e-Invoice Network teams individually onboard every supplier – directly or through self-serve portals – so buyer and supplier capture benefits immediately.

Reduced costs

Achieve 90% straight-through-processing with our automated exception handling for an average cost-per-invoice of $2 (the global average is $10.89!)

Ongoing compliance

Global tax mandates change at a relentless pace. Compliance maintenance is incredibly difficult and expensive. The Tungsten team stays ahead of the curve to benefit the network.

Healthier supply chain

Smoother logistics keep money and goods flowing. Optimized processing, status updates and Supply Chain Finance options keep vendors happy.

Strategic insight

Tungsten tools and data help finance and procurement leaders deliver insights and become strategic partners to the business.

Industry certified

Tungsten Invoice Network remains certified with industry-standard security, compliance, and privacy requirements.


Why global and regional enterprises prefer Tungsten

Automate critical processes

Scale business operations more easily and improve the productivity of the AP department. Reduce exception management and errors.

Manage cash flow

Use real-time data to optimize spending, negotiate better prices and capture more discounts offered by your suppliers.

Reduce risks

Improve internal controls, reducing the potential for fraud and mistakes, and enhance invoice audit capabilities.

Reduce overheads

Reduce the costs of handling invoices by more than 50%.

Facilitate global growth

Tungsten Invoice Network is tax compliant in more countries than any other trading network in the world.

Liberate the AP team

Employees can focus on value-add tasks and work more strategically.

Tungsten Automation AP solutions

Research by advisory firm ardent partners estimates that half of invoices today are processed through paper, PDF or other documents, with the other half handled electronically. Whether organizations manage supplier invoices across neighborhoods or around the globe, Tungsten Automation has AP automation solutions to help any enterprise advance toward the benefits of true e-Invoicing.


Hear tips on governmental and business mandates in our free ComplianceCast audio series

Mondelēz international case study

By applying a vigorous, methodical approach to finance transformation, Mondelēz achieved 92% on time payment.

AP automation ROI calculator

In 10 seconds, calculate what invoice automation could save you annually.

Tungsten invoice network

Tungsten invoice network with automated invoicing.

Supplier enrollment

Flexible options, guaranteed invoice delivery

Tungsten e-Invoice network offers two solutions to send invoices to your customers. Regardless of the solution you choose, we process, translate, enrich and validate the data before delivering your invoice directly to your buyers in any country in the world. We then archive your invoices to meet regulatory requirements.
Portrait of young man sitting at his desk in the office

Web form

Our Web Form solution is designed for businesses that send a low volume of invoices per year. It enables users to create and submit invoices online quickly, without paper and guaranteed delivery of your invoice within hours, allowing customers to process your invoice and make prompt payments.

businesswoman looking at a tablet and documents

Integrated solution

Our Integrated Solution is designed for organizations that send a high volume of invoices. It offers a fully automated process that extracts invoice data directly from your billing system and delivers it directly into your buyers’ finance systems. We then process, translate, enrich and validate the data before delivering your invoice directly to your Buyers in any country in the world.

We're helping the world's go digital. Join us. 

Guaranteed invoice delivery

You can send electronic invoices no matter what format your current invoices are in, and know when they’ve been received.

Full visibility of your invoice status online

From confirmation of receipt to final payment – no more chasing accounts payable.

Secure archiving

All your invoices are digitally signed, encrypted, and stored within the e-invoice network image archive, where you can access them anytime.

Purchase order conversion

Save time and effort by simply converting purchase orders directly into invoices through e-invoice network.