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Kofax is Now Tungsten Automation

Frequently Asked Questions

New Look, Same Commitment

While our name is changing, our commitment to delivering market-leading solutions and service, providing unmatched efficiencies, and delivering cost savings to our nearly 25,000 customers remain the same. Our promise to you as Tungsten Automation is to continue to be your trusted partner with an unwavering dedication to helping propel your business forward.

What’s Next

In the coming months, you'll witness the gradual transition to our new name across our communications, marketing materials, and digital platforms. Rest assured, this change will not impact day-to-day operations or the high-quality service you've come to expect from us.

Your Questions Answered

Explore our detailed FAQ section, designed to address your questions concerning the rebrand.

Common FAQs

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The decision to adopt a new name reflects the growth of our company and the need for a brand that more closely aligns with our present identity, capabilities, and aspirations. From our roots as a leading document capture company, we've evolved to a prominent global leader in Intelligent Automation. Over the last four decades, we've also expanded our portfolio of solutions organically and through several acquisitions to encompass invoice automation solutions, document automation and security solutions for enterprises worldwide. This transformation underscores our dedication to excellence, adaptability, and growth. It's a commitment to our customers and partners that we will persist as a trusted industry leader, supporting businesses through their multi-faceted transformation journeys.

Tungsten, a metal known for its strength and resilience, symbolizes our robust and trusted solutions. Automation represents our core business–streamlining complex business-critical workflows through intelligent technology. Together, Tungsten Automation stands for our promise to deliver powerful and dependable Intelligent Automation solutions that drive progress and efficiency. It reflects our commitment to empowering customers with resilient tools to digitally transform their business.

Our mission is to revolutionize your business-critical workflows with innovative AI-powered automation solutions. We strive to elevate the efficiency of your data-intensive processes, seamlessly combining speed and intelligence to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Our commitment is to empower your workforce by simplifying data complexities–enabling your employees to focus on what truly matters for your continued growth and success.

Tungsten Automation brings you a comprehensive and advanced suite of scalable automation tools that promise to transform your business-critical workflows. As Tungsten Automation, customers can anticipate heightened capabilities in AI, market-leading intelligent document processing, streamlined AP and invoice automation, and state-of-the-art document automation and security solutions. We remain committed to being your trusted partner, delivering industry-leading technology, services, and support.

No, as Tungsten Automation steps into the future, our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility remains a priority. This rebranding will not change our collective efforts to contribute positively to society and the environment, and these values will continue to be at the forefront of our partnership.

These various mergers and acquisitions will continue to function as they have under Kofax. They will remain product offerings and information for each can now be found on our website.

Our new name does not alter our relationship or ownership of Tungsten Network Corporation. Tungsten Network will persist as a product offering under our new brand, Tungsten Automation.

Customer FAQs

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There will be no change or impact to products or services you currently use. Your experience will remain seamless and you will access our solutions using the same URLs and login credentials, as you've always done.

No, you will continue using the same URLs to access all cloud-hosted products.

There is no impact on existing contracts. Appropriate evidence showing the new company name will be provided, and the parties will continue to transact on the basis of existing contracts.

Legal evidence of the new legal entity name change will be provided, and the entity to which payment is sent will need to be updated. Unless otherwise informed, no other remittance or payment details will be changed.

No, the company name change will not impact other tax ID and registration number details associated with a legal entity.

There is no change to the parties' contract or existing terms as a result of this change. The Kofax entity is simply changing its name and we will be providing appropriate legal evidence of that name change. We would request that customers and partners update their records to reflect our new name, Tungsten Automation, and that the parties transact with each other on the basis of this new name in the future.

Support emails will initially remain unchanged. In the event of future changes, we will notify you through additional communications. Please be assured that our Kofax support emails will remain operational for a 12-month period, ensuring uninterrupted assistance.