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AI-Powered Intelligent Automation Solutions

Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (GAI) are reshaping our solutions and energizing business workflows.


AI is Changing the Way We Work

Witness the evolution of intelligent automation. Our well-established AI capabilities are now complemented by the unprecedented power of Generative AI (GAI). Integrated seamlessly with Tungsten Automation Intelligent Automation Solutions, GAI combines human insight and artificial intelligence to enhance decision-making, improve efficiency, and reshape workflows like never before. Let’s explore what's possible.

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Generative AI Unleashed: Amplifying Human Potential webinar promotion
Ondemand Webinar

Generative AI Unleashed: Amplifying Human Potential

Join Tungsten Automation and guest speaker from Forrester for a riveting discussion that delves into the transformative world of Generative AI and its vast potential. Uncover how Generative AI magnifies human skills to create an unparalleled workforce and explore its transformative applications and strategies. Get an exclusive sneak peek from Tungsten Automation on their upcoming innovations, designed to thrust you into a future where technology and human ingenuity merge, unveiling unparalleled realms of productivity and innovation.

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Generative AI

Accelerating Time-to-Value with Generative AI

Pave the way for GAI innovation by augmenting human potential, not replacing it.

Empower Your Automaters

From Idea to Impact with AI-Boosted Low-Code: Equip your team with state-of-the-art tools, turning revolutionary ideas into actionable workflows and data extraction models. Elevate development, streamline integrations, and fast-track your innovation journey.

Revolutionize Decision-Making

Unprecedented AI-Powered Insights: With our platform, now enhanced by generative AI, dive deeper into data from varied documents. Extract, analyze, and act faster than ever, turning insights into your ultimate strategic edge.

Personalize AI for Every Interaction

Choose Your GAI Model, Personalize Every Touchpoint: Harness top-tier language models, tailoring each interaction. Embed generative AI effortlessly, propelling business agility and ensuring unparalleled adaptability across platforms. Elevate engagement with swift precision.

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Unveiling the Next-Gen TotalAgility-Azure OpenAI Connector

With the recent launch of our TotalAgility-Azure OpenAI Connector you can elevate your TotalAgility experience with the pinnacle of Generative AI technology. Features include:

  1. Deep Understanding: Analyze unstructured text to discern meaning, emotion, and purpose.
  2. Tailored Responses: Craft impactful replies to user queries and customer touchpoints within a TotalAgility process
  3. Diverse Content Creation: From news pieces to dialogues, and concise summaries, let AI be your digital wordsmith.
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