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Modernizing insurance with AI-Enabled intelligent automation

Mitigate fraud, manage risk, enhance customer experience, and slash operating costs


Remaining competitive in the current dynamic environment requires a multi-faceted approach to insurance operations.

Tungsten Automation's intelligent automation solutions usher in a new age of insurance, marked by precision, efficiency, and speed. In this data-intensive industry, we lead the transformation with cutting-edge technology like intelligent document Processing, machine learning, and advanced AI capabilities such as NLP and generative AI. Envision swift claim processing, enhanced fraud management, and top-tier customer experience. Tungsten Automation harnesses unstructured data into insights, automates tasks, and aids insurers in delivering superior service.
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Lower operating costs

Digitize and scale content-intensive processes in claims and policy management

Manage fraud and risk

Protect your insurance organization's assets and reputation, foster customer trust, and reduce revenue loss due to claims fraud

Improve customer experience

Enable personalized transactions, seamless operations, and faster engagement times ensuring customers feel valued, understood, and efficiently served

Why Tungsten Automation

Data management offerings support insurance organizations

Advanced AI

Generative AI, NLP, and Machine Learning all come together to provide intelligence throughout the platform from accelerating development time to automated document creation.

Document intelligence

Tungsten Automation is the leader in automating document-intensive workflows such as claims processing, customer onboarding, and claims fraud.

Intelligent process automation

We provide the flexibility to handle insurance processes end-to-end or to provide specialized services when hardened, scalable processes are needed.

Connected systems

From integrated use cases with our strategic alliance partners like Microsoft and Salesforce and an ever-growing ecosystem of partners, our technology integrates critical data with your standard applications, including policy administration, claims management systems, and many more.

Use cases

Manage fraud with Tungsten Automation

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Leveraging advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and data analytics, Tungsten Automation identifies suspicious patterns and anomalies in claims data, flagging potential fraud instances for investigation. Our comprehensive fraud detection capabilities enable insurers to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and protect their bottom line.

We automate the end-to-end insurance claim process, from intake to verification and settlement, significantly reducing manual errors and accelerating claims settlement. By leveraging Intelligent Automation, insurers can provide faster and more efficient customer service, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

We streamline policy renewals through automated document reviews, ensuring timely updates, reducing delays, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

We accelerate underwriting by extracting data from documents, enabling quicker risk assessments, better decision-making, and enhanced underwriting accuracy.

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