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TotalAgility: AI-Powered Intelligent Workflow Automation

Transform your business with content-intensive workflow automation and AI-driven insights.


Redefining workflow automation with AI innovation

Tungsten TotalAgility® leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence to automate content-heavy workflows and deliver real-time business insights. It blends generative AI, document processing, and process orchestration into a unified end-to-end solution. This powerful combination streamlines operations, boosts productivity, enhances experiences and improves financial performance.

TotalAgility can automate workflows across industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, supply chain, and the public sector. Use TotalAgility to automate processes from onboarding to claims administration.

The Tungsten Marketplace enriches its functionality even further with a wide range of pre-built solutions, broadening its application. Deploy TotalAgility in a public or private cloud, or on-premises, to adapt to your business environment.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Improve proficiency and efficiency with advanced AI and generative AI capabilities, fostering responsible innovation guided by ethical AI principles and stringent security measures.

End-to-end automation

TotalAgility combines industry-leading intelligent document processing and process orchestration capabilities with generative AI and machine learning to deliver end-to-end results. This unified approach from a single provider lowers cost of ownership and improves the employee experience.

Integrated business systems

Seamlessly connect and sync your diverse systems, from legacy platforms to modern apps, enabling smooth, streamlined workflows. Extend your capabilities with access to hundreds of pre-built solutions and consulting partners through the Tungsten Marketplace.

Generative AI Copilots

TotalAgility Copilots pave the way for generative AI innovation by augmenting human potential, not replacing it

TotalAgility’s new generative AI-powered Copilots transform how people interact with automation software. Using a simple conversational interface, users of all technological skill levels can accelerate time to value, unlock deeper business and uplift developer productivity. Further personalize your experience by easily integrating your choice of Large Language Model (LLM) like ChatGPT, OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, or a custom LLM. 

Accelerate Time to Value with Copilot for Extraction

Extract, analyze, and act faster than ever, turning data into your strategic edge. This patent-pending capability reduces the time to create document extraction models by up to 80% while lowering maintenance costs, boosting straight-through processing rates and improving results.

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Revolutionize Decision-Making with Copilot for Insights

Leverage the power of a conversational interface to analyze unstructured data and unlock unprecedented AI-powered insights. Dive deeper into data from varied documents, empowering faster, more accurate decision-making. Converse with your data naturally by asking questions and getting instant answers with annotations back to the source.

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Empower Your Automaters with Copilot for Development

Transform revolutionary ideas into actionable workflows, forms and data models. Simply type in your request or upload a hand-drawn image of your design and watch as it materializes in seconds. Elevate development, streamline integrations, and fast-track your innovation journey.

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Discover how TotalAgility delivers unmatched benefits across all facets of your organization.

Improve operational efficiency and quality

Enhance efficiency and quality by 41% through the adoption of a unified intelligent automation platform.

Drive productivity and proficiency

Experience significant gains in employee productivity and proficiency, a key factor for 86% of customers when choosing intelligent automation.

Achieve data security and regulatory compliance

Achieve and maintain data security and regulatory compliance. Our solutions standardize processes and automate compliance monitoring, enhancing governance and security across your organization.

Elevate customer experiences

Improve customer service with quick, personalized, and reliable interactions and increase customer satisfaction by 39%.

Boost employee satisfaction

Empower your team to engage in more meaningful work by freeing them from tedious tasks. This can lead to a 37% improvement in the employee experience.

Minimize errors

Half of all organizations identify the increased risk of errors and data discrepancies as a primary challenge. Mitigate costly mistakes by reducing touchpoints in data entry, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

Accelerate turn-around times

Improve turnaround times by 42%, making operations faster and more responsive to market demands.

Grow revenue

Customers who use intelligent automation experience a 45% increase in revenue by leveraging intelligent automation to capture new opportunities, driving business growth.

Save costs

Achieve a 38% reduction in costs with intelligent automation, which streamlines operations and enhances efficiency, contributing to overall financial health and sustainability.


Why customers choose TotalAgility


Generative AI-powered Copilots

Transform the way you interact with software using this new suite of Generative AI-powered Copilots. A conversational interface makes it easy to create new solutions and generate insights. Easily integrate your choice of Large Language Model (LLM) for further personalization.


Industry leading document intelligence

Effortlessly extract and interpret unstructured data from any source with AI-powered intelligent document processing. Turn that data into actionable insights to enhance decision-making across your organization.


Low code process orchestrion

Effortlessly streamline and automate complex business processes across systems and departments. Manage both human and digital workflows using low code automation, suitable for users of all technical skill levels.


Document library

Accelerate your projects with our vast library of pre-trained document extraction models, ready for immediate deployment. Instantly find and extract key data from industry-specific documents, eliminating the need to build them from scratch.


Flexible cloud deployment

Choose the deployment method that best aligns with your business requirements and growth plans. From cloud of choice deployments offering agility and scalability to on-premises installations, we have you covered.

Case management

Transform case management by guiding complex workflows towards efficient resolution. Seamlessly integrate tasks, documents, and data into efficient workflows. Adapt to business events, foster collaboration among knowledge workers, and enhance decision-making with AI-driven insights.

Rules management

Implement business decision logic and new policies while repurposing assets across your organization. This creates a dynamic environment that ensures consistent execution of strategies, boosts regulatory compliance, and speeds up decision-making processes.

Analytics and business insights

Quickly and accurately turn data into useful analytics and business insights for better decision-making, reporting, and workflow optimization.

Customer stories

Discover the impact of TotalAgility with real stories from our valued customers.

HMI Performance Incentives
“To help our clients thrive, we need to capture deep insights into their customers’ preferences and buying behaviors – and with TotalAgility at the heart of our rewards experience, that’s exactly what we’re achieving. Of all the solutions we evaluated, we were most impressed with the Tungsten offering. Tungsten brought together all of the core capabilities we were looking for in a single, tightly integrated platform.”
Lincoln Smith
Chief Strategy Officer,HMI Performance Incentives
“TotalAgility has transformed the way we process claims and provided us with deep insight into the data contained in the reports we read. We’ve redeployed 15 employees from our claims department to other areas of the business that require more creative or strategic work, which represents a major efficiency savings for us.”
Large European Insurance Company
AMN Healthcare
“With the Tungsten solution, we can rely on near-zero errors in our data entry and processing, which creates peace of mind for us and our contractors.”
Jeff Straton
Senior Project Manager, AMN Healthcare
Foundation Home Loans
“One of our main goals was to empower our existing team to spend more time adding value to our customers, and that’s exactly what Tungsten has helped us to achieve.”
Julie Hood
Project Manager, Foundation Home Loans
“We receive huge quantities of customer correspondence and Tungsten solutions help us respond to enquiries in a more efficient and organized manner.”
Georg Olivotto
Project Leader, Kelag
Out of thousands of contenders, G2 users have chosen Tungsten TotalAgility as one of the very best in IT Management Products.

In its Winter Enterprise Grid®️ Report, Tungsten TotalAgility was also named a Leader in Business Process Management for the fourth season in a row.
G2 Best Software 2022

G2 2022 Best Software
Award Winner

IT Management Products

G2 Enterprise Leader 2023

G2 2023 Winter Leader

Enterprise Grid®️ Report for
Business Process Management

Industry recognition

Industry analysts recognize TotalAgility as a leader in AI-powered automation, including intelligent automation, document processing, and process orchestration.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 2024 - PEAK Matrix Award Logo - Leader

Leader in Intelligent Document Processing from Everest Group PEAK Matrix for sixth consecutive year


Leader in Intelligent Document Processing Software from IDC MarketScape


Leader in Intelligent Automation from Zinnov Zones for fourth year in a row

Leader and Star Performer in Process Orchestration from Everest Group PEAK Matrix

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