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Improve the Patient Enrollment Experience

Automate processes for faster and more reliable data access

Tungsten Automation streamlines the patient enrollment and onboarding experience in healthcare by providing an automated system that guarantees quick and reliable access to essential medical services. Our approach to patient integration emphasizes efficiency, offering accelerated registration, minimizing data inaccuracies, improving workflow productivity, and reducing operational expenses . By improving processing time and enhancing the initial interaction, we ensure a positive and lasting impression for both new patients and staff members. Our sophisticated enrollment and onboarding solution paves the way for a smoother healthcare journey, fostering satisfaction and trust from the very first step.
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Improved Data Reliability and Speed

Automation to reduced manual errors in enrollment, enhancing the accuracy of patient information and reducing form completion time by as much as 50%.

Faster Time to Revenue

More efficient workflows lower operational costs and improve patient and employee satisfaction while leading to quicker reimbursement and revenue generation.

Improved Record Accessibility and Decision-Making

Working with digital records allows for complete patient data availability within workflows so clinicians can make more informed care decisions using clinical decision support tools.

Solution capabilities

Advanced AI/Generative AI

Simplify document recognition, extraction, data review and comparisons, decision-making, and workflow design with advanced AI.

Dynamic Workflows

Easily adapt workflows based on changing conditions.

Business Rules Engine

Define and apply business rules for faster, smarter decision-making.

Multi-Channel Capture

Manage and process content for any source, any format.

Data Validation

Validate extracted data for precise accuracy and consistency.

Customer Engagement

Enhance customer experiences through greater visibility and self-service interactions.

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The solution leverages advanced AI and ML technology to capture and process data from diverse invoice formats and can be configured and trained for multiple document types
Yes, the solution supports electronic signatures, providing a secure and compliant method for obtaining patient consent and signatures during the enrollment process
Yes, the solution is scalable and designed to handle varying patient volumes. Whether you're a small clinic or a large healthcare system, the solution can adapt to your needs
Yes, solution can integrate with EHR, and other internal and external systems to synchronize patient data for onboarding workflows
Yes, the solution can integrate with patient engagement portals as well as CRM platforms to provide patients with enrollment and onboarding via their preferred channel
Yes, the solution includes a pre-packaged bundle of metrics, dashboards and reports. The solution also allows organizations to create new reports and dashboards based on a library of best practices metrics, and features pre-built content for capture-based processes
Yes, the solution enables compliance with regulations like HIPAA, TCP/IP, and GDPR through security features like encryption, access controls, audit trails, and data anonymization
Patients benefit from fast digital enrollment, text reminders, self-service tools including status visibility, and a centralized onboarding platform