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The trusted leader in content-intensive workflow automation

Modernize your business processes with AI-driven workflow automation and industry-leading IDP.


Optimize critical business workflows with AI-powered automation

Digitally transform your business with AI-powered workflow automation solutions. Analyze unstructured data from different sources, turning complex information into actionable insights that drive smart, informed decision-making.

Our holistic approach marries advanced artificial intelligence, intelligent document processing, low-code process orchestration, robotic process automation (RPA) and other advanced technologies to boost efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement. Companies across industries can now easily overcome their biggest challenges.

An open architecture approach enables seamless integration with your current systems, unifying internal and external processes, applications, and devices. Customize your solutions to fit your business needs with ready-made applications and trusted providers in the Tungsten Marketplace. Choose from multiple deployment options, whether in the cloud or on-premises, to best align to your business environment.

Advanced AI & Generative AI

Improve proficiency and efficiency with advanced content, decisioning and generative AI capabilities, fostering responsible innovation guided by ethical AI principles and stringent security measures.

Industry leading intelligent document processing

Automate the extraction of information from unstructured data with our advanced AI, unlocking valuable insights for unparalleled business efficiency.

Low-code process orchestration

Coordinate your digital workflows effortlessly, automating and streamlining processes to reduce errors and maximize your business’s full potential.


Achieve measurable results that drive growth and innovation across your organization:

Improve operational efficiency

Streamline operations to achieve unmatched efficiency levels. Intelligent automation customers report as much as a 55% increase in operational effectiveness.

Boost employee productivity

Free your staff from repetitive tasks and watch as employee satisfaction soars, accompanied by a 45% increase in productivity.

Recognize real cost savings

Embrace intelligent automation and join the ranks of enterprises saving over US$1 million. Around half of businesses adopting intelligent automation report these substantial cost savings.

Enhance customer experience

Transform customer service with quick, personized responses, leading up to a 45% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

Industry use cases

Explore how AI-powered intelligent workflow automation is transforming industries:

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Banking & Financial Services

Enhance account and loan onboarding and mitigate decisioning risks using AI-driven workflow automation. Maintain regulatory compliance with fully automated anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols.

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Streamline policy issuance and accelerate claim settlements. Offer a more efficient and accurate approach to underwriting and fraud detection. Unify data across systems to provide personalized, swift, and reliable service, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

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Automate healthcare processes to free up medical professionals and focus on what really matters - their patients. Quickly save important patient information from forms to electronic health records in seconds for secure record-keeping.

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Supply Chain

Transform your operations and achieve manufacturing efficiency through automation in inventory control, order fulfillment and vendor management. Streamline your processes, from inventory management to procurement and invoicing, to eliminate manual errors and reduce delays.

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Public Sector

Transform government operations with automation in citizen services, records management, and contract administration. Streamline payment approvals and invoice processing to prevent fund mismanagement. Tailor solutions for precise compliance and data management and enhance data collection with automated form processing.

Industry recognition
Tungsten Automation is known for being a top company in AI-powered workflow automation. We are setting standards in intelligent automation, document processing, and process orchestration.
Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 2024 - PEAK Matrix Award Logo - Leader

Leader in Intelligent Document Processing from Everest Group PEAK Matrix for sixth consecutive year


Leader in Unstructured Intelligent Document Processing Software by IDC MarketScape


Leader in Intelligent Automation from Zinnov Zones for fourth year in a row

Everest Group Peak Matrix badge

Leader and Star Performer in Process Orchestration from Everest Group PEAK Matrix

Customer stories

Hear from our satisfied customers.

Foundation Home Loans
“One of our main goals was to empower our existing team to spend more time adding value to our customers, and that’s exactly what Tungsten has helped us to achieve.”
Julie Hood
Project Manager, Foundation Home Loans
Ryder logo
“We had five analysts that worked overnight. Instead of using them to solve new problems, they were essentially solving the same problem every night. We’ve automated all of this so now the analysts can work the day shift and do more impactful work.”
Leslie Mandrell
Product Owner at Ryder System, Inc.
With Tungsten solutions underpinning our mobile app, we can put new capabilities directly into our customers’ hands and help then access the services they need anytime and anywhere – boosting satisfaction and loyalty.
Vice President of Operations
Ron Finemore Transport
“Our automation journey has taken a number of twists and turns. But what surprised us most has been how simple it has been to introduce quite a complex algorithm into the business to solve a problem that was persistent. We had no alternative other than to do something innovative.”
Darren Wood
General Manager of Technology and Innovation and Acting Business Development Manager, Ron Finemore Transport
University Hospitals
“Patient transfer was a manual activity and we saved quite a bit of time by automating it. We started to look into capacity issues and found that automation freed up staff and yielded the time needed to improve patient care.”
Rob Duber
Process Automation Manager, University Hospitals

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