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Transform the Future of Banking and Financial Services

Take proactive measures to stop fraud, manage risk, satisfy customers, and reduce cost.


Navigate the complex financial industry with AI-powered technology and automation tools

To tackle the ever-changing financial industry and overcome daily business challenges, it is crucial for financial services companies to have a comprehensive strategy that covers all aspects of their operations. Tungsten Automation provides cutting-edge solutions in Advanced Document Processing, Intelligent Process Automation, and AI to assist institutions in addressing their most urgent issues. We help banks and financial service providers enhance their operations by automating crucial content-related procedures, spearheading a banking transformation that emphasizes effectiveness, safety, and client contentment. Our AI-powered technology and automation tools empower banks to prevent fraud, reduce risk, enhance customer satisfaction, and cut costs.

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Lower Operating Costs

Digitize and scale processes, remove manual processing, and enable straight-through-processing.

Manage Fraud and Risk

Protect your financial institution’s assets and reputation, foster customer trust and reduce revenue loss due to fraud

Improve Customer Experience

Enable personalized transactions, seamless operations, and faster engagement times ensuring customers feel valued, understood, and efficiently served

Why Tungsten Automation

Data Management Offerings Support FSI

Document Intelligence

The leader in automating the production of the complex documents found in financial service organizations

Intelligent Process Automation

The flexibility to handle a financial services process end-to-end or to provide specialized services when hardened, scalable systems are needed

Connected Systems

From integrated use cases with our strategic alliance partners like Microsoft and Salesforce and an ever-growing ecosystem of partners, our technology integrates critical data with your standard applications including CRM, ERP, Loan Origination, Core Banking Platform, and many more.

Advanced AI

Generative AI, NLP, and Machine Learning all come together to provide intelligence throughout the platform from accelerating development time to automated document creation.

Use Cases

Automate with us

Our customers have automated a broad set of financial services processes across all lines of business:

  • Customer Onboarding and KYC
  • Trade Finance Consumer and Commercial Lending
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Check Fraud
  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Document Automation and Security
  • Wholesale Lockbox
  • Digital Mailroom
The great thing about Kofax TotalAgility is that it takes the burden of repetitive, manual activity away from our teams, so that they can handle a higher volume of work and dedicate more time to interacting with customers.
Daniel Medici Lourenson
Executive Director, Cauana

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