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Revolutionize healthcare with AI-enabled Intelligent Automation

Digitally transform the most patient-centric workflows at scale with the highest level of security


AI-powered Intelligent Automation delivers better patient experience

Tungsten Automation's AI-based Intelligent Automation improves patient data security, lowers costs, and ensures accurate processing of records and billing statements. Simplify scheduling, patient follow-ups, and data retrieval across systems while improving compliance.

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Streamline patient onboarding

Simplify patient onboarding with automated data capture, intelligent forms processing, and seamless integrations to ensure accurate information while reducing administrative burden.

Enhance medical records management

Digitize and automate patient records for efficient data extraction, categorization, and retrieval. Our advanced document management capabilities improve record accessibility, security, and decision-making.

Improve claims processing

Automate claims workflow, from data extraction to validation and adjudication. Reduce manual effort, errors, and processing time with our intelligent automation solutions, optimizing efficiency and accuracy.

Simplify care coordination

Simplify care coordination and referral management with automated processes, ensuring timely communication and efficient information exchange between healthcare providers. Improve patient outcomes and minimize delays in care.

Why Tungsten Automation

Data management offerings support healthcare organizations

Advanced AI

Generative AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning combine to provide actionable intelligence throughout the platform from accelerating development time to automated document creation.

Document intelligence

Tungsten Automation is the leader in automating document-intensive workflows such as claims processing, customer onboarding, and claims fraud.

Intelligent  process automation

We provide flexibility to handle insurance processes end-to-end or to provide specialized services when hardened, scalable processes are needed.

Connected systems

From integrated use cases with our strategic alliance partners like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Cerner, and an ever-growing ecosystem of partners, our technology integrates critical data with your standard applications, including leading EHR systems.

Use cases

Improve data security and compliance

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Leveraging advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and data analytics and across multiple products from MFD print to workflow orchestration, we provide multiple layers of security from protecting patient data in print to comprehensive fraud detection capabilities that enables healthcare providers to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and protect their bottom line.

Our robust platform automates the claims processing workflow, streamlining operations and reducing human error.

Use Intelligent Automation to orchestrate the telehealth workflow including registration and confirmation, medical report submission, appointment scheduling, virtual visit and billing.

Patient registration and KYC, Appointment confirmation, insurance coverage

Case studies

Enhancing patient care with rapid access to vital healthcare information

Bendigo Health
We’ve now replaced manual document-management processes with a highly automated workflow—enabling us to put important information at our medical team’s fingertips faster than ever.
Julie Ritchie
Director of the Health Information Services, Bendigo Health
Since we went live with AP Essentials, we’ve not had a single instance of a double payment: a 100 percent accuracy rate for the solution.
Ferdia Doherty
Financial Controller, Myhealth Medical Group
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