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Build Resilience Into Your Invoice Workflows

Keep your processes in the safe zone with our portfolio of solutions for managing the accounts payable lifecycle.


Accelerate with Invoice Automation

Invoices today are processed through a chaotic mix of paper, PDF, portals, emails and electronic formats. Join the journey to automate and accelerate the invoicing function.

Tungsten Automation delivers world-class capture and invoice processing solutions that turn Accounts Payable into a financial performance engine. Staff work faster, financial data is more accurate and insightful, compliance is assured, and supply chain relationships improve.

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Six Reasons to Explore AP Automation

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Reduce manual errors and increase processing speed, leading to more accurate and timely supplier payments.

Capture Cost Savings

Shrink invoice processing time from months to seconds, freeing staff to perform more value-driving work and improve overall cost-effectiveness.

Improve Cash Flow Management

Ensure timely payment of invoices, reduce the risk of late payment fees, and improve supplier relationships.

Achieve Compliance

Track and ensure compliance with financial and governmental regulations, reducing the risk of penalties or security breaches.

Increase Visibility

Integration with ERP systems to enable tracking and reporting, driving better visibility into AP performance and financial data.

Orchestrate Key Processes

Extend financial process and ERP workflows through intelligent automation tools like RPA and machine learning.

Big Trends and Predictions Identified by Ardent Partners

Tungsten Automation AP Solutions

Research by advisory firm Ardent Partners estimates that half of invoices today are processed through paper, PDF or other documents, with the other half handled electronically. Whether organizations manage supplier invoices across neighborhoods or around the globe, Tungsten Automation has AP automation solutions to help any enterprise advance toward the benefits of true e-invoicing.

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InvoiceAgility: Bundled solutions for comprehensive e-invoicing

Case Studies

Learn from our satisfied customers

Since we went live with AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online), we’ve not had a single instance of a double payment: a 100 percent accuracy rate for the solution.
Ferdia Doherty
Financial Controller, Myhealth Medical Group
One of the game changers with Kofax TotalAgility was that it offered everything we needed in a single package. There was one software platform to configure, deploy and support, and one set of integrations to make with other systems.
Associate Director of Information Technology

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