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Faster, More Efficient Customs Clearance

Accelerate Customs Submissions with Accurate, Integrated, and Compliant Data

Tungsten Automation’s customs invoice management extracts data with precision to ensure shipment values are reliable, taxes are properly calculated, and submissions are compliant, averting penalties, rejections, and shipment delays. Our solution emphasizes precise cargo value presentation, facilitating efficient customs procedures within the supply chain, and promoting unhindered international trade. By integrating advanced artificial intelligence and GenAI, our solution accurately classifies goods, calculates tariffs, and ensures compliance with international trade regulations, minimizing the risk of delays and penalties. We simplify the entire customs process, from document capture to data verification and submission, enabling businesses to expedite their cross-border transactions efficiently. With Tungsten Automation, companies can enhance operational efficiency, improve visibility, reduce costs associated with manual processing, and improve accuracy in customs declarations, ensuring a smoother, faster, and more reliable international shipping experience.
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Accelerated Customs Clearance Time

Automation expedites customs clearance, ensuring uninterrupted supply chain operations and enhancing efficiency and reducing delays.

Increased Business Efficiency

Enhance supply chain efficiency through streamlined invoice data utilization and management.

Error Reduction and Reliable Data Optimization

AI optimization reduces errors and cost in customs clearance through dependable data, streamlining customs for expedited shipments and minimizing cargo hold risks for smoother processes.

Solution capabilities

Advanced AI/Generative AI

Simplify content recognition, extraction, decision-making, and workflow design with GenAI. 

Task Automation

Gather and compare data, complete calculations and apply rules for faster more accurate submissions. 

Dynamic Workflows

Easily adapt workflows based on changing conditions. 

Data Validation

Validate extracted data for precise accuracy and consistency.  

Multi-Channel Delivery

Deliver documents via various channels to reach customers effectively.

Continuous Monitoring

Provide real-time process monitoring and alerts.

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  The solution employs advanced AI and Machine Learning capabilities, ensuring accurate data capture and compliance with varying customs regulations
 Solution offers seamless integration with existing systems, enabling quick deployment of automation, reduced coding efforts, and enhanced connectivity for diverse applications
Yes, it is scalable and can efficiently handle increased customs processes and data volumes as your business grows
The Solution provides customizable dashboards and reporting tools to monitor performance metrics and KPIs, enabling continuous process improvement
 The solution is designed with flexibility, enabling swift adjustments to evolving customs regulations for continuous compliance and streamlined customs processes
The solution employs robust encryption and complies with privacy regulations to protect sensitive cargo-related data within the system
Yes, it is designed with flexibility, allowing seamless adaptation to diverse tax regulations globally, ensuring accurate tax determination in compliance with specific regional requirements
  The real-time visibility features enable prompt identification of discrepancies, allowing for quick resolution and minimizing the risk of customs-related issues during inspections