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Modernized invoice management for transportation

Streamline invoice processing and gain insights with real-time visibility

Tungsten Automation modernizes invoice management for transportation and logistics, particularly in Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments. In an industry where LTL incurs a premium over full truckloads and competition intensifies, efficiency is paramount to protect thin margins. High processing costs arise from manual tasks such as data entry, leading to errors and delays, costing businesses between $4 and $20 per paper transaction. Manual operations and outdated systems slow down logistics providers, jeopardizing customer satisfaction and retention. Our advanced solutions streamline invoice processes and complete precise PO to invoice matching to reduce disputes and improve compliance, allowing companies to deliver superior service, win new customers, and retain existing ones. By automating task and enhancing accuracy, Tungsten Automation enables transportation companies to thrive in a competitive landscape, driving efficiency and profitability.
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Cost Savings

Reduce processing costs by automating manual tasks such as data entry, matching, reviews and approvals, saving businesses substantial amounts per transaction.

Enhanced Visibility and Decision Making

Real-time visibility into invoice status, including partial payments reduces duplicate payments and delays and improves decision making.

Increased vendor/supplier satisfaction

Improved vendor relations with accurate and swift invoicing, reducing follow-ups by 50%, increasing discount opportunities, and minimizing duplicate requests and disputes.

Solution capabilities

Advanced AI/Generative AI

Simplify document recognition, extraction, data review and comparisons, decision-making, and workflow design with AI and GenAI. 

Dynamic Workflows

Adapt workflows based on changing conditions

Business Rules Engine

Define and apply business rules for decision-making.

Multi-Channel Capture

Manage and process emails including attachments, text message, fax, portals and any other channel that the organization deals with.

Data Validation

Validate extracted data for accuracy and consistency.

Customer Engagement

Enhance customer interactions and experiences by providing self-service for document submission, status reviews, automated communication and more

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 Over 100 including Bill of lading, Proof of delivery, Rate confirmations, customs forms, carrier invoices, etc. are supported by the solution
The solution provides rich analytics like most common billing exceptions, dispute rates by customers/carriers, and trends in key operational metrics to inform process improvements
It is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing transportation management systems, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized workflow
Yes, it is customizable to meet the specific invoicing requirements and workflows of transportation operations within the supply chain 
It utilizes advanced data capture and normalization techniques to handle diverse formats, standardizing data for consistent processing and reporting 
Yes, automation enhances scalability, allowing you to efficiently manage seasonal variations and demand fluctuations in transportation invoicing 
Yes, the solution supports paper-based invoicing systems as well depending upon the needs of the customer
The dynamic workflows automate invoice approval efficiently routing invoices based on predefined rules. The solution supports complex approval hierarchies, ensuring efficient and compliant processes