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Turn Customer Onboarding Into Your Competitive Advantage

A better customer experience starts with streamlined onboarding.


Accelerate Your High-Value Customer Journeys

Customer onboarding is crucial to ensuring long-term customer satisfaction, which directly impacts renewal rates and your bottom-line. Kofax automation technology can help accelerate customer onboarding processes for enterprises in any industry.

  • Digitize your workflows and integrate systems
  • Cut latency between touchpoints and accelerate processing
  • Manage every touchpoint to improve the customer journey
Case Studies

What's Your Tomorrow?

With Tungsten solutions underpinning our mobile app, we can put new capabilities directly into our customers’ hands and help then access the services they need anytime and anywhere – boosting satisfaction and loyalty.
Vice President of Operations
South African Bank
We have built our success on being there for our customers at every stage in their financial journey, and investing in innovative services like the mobile onboarding app help us to continue delivering experiences that improve people’s lives.
South African Bank

Kofax Delivers World-Class Customer Onboarding Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Streamline document processing with embedded AI such as natural language processing (NLP), machine language and low-code development capabilities.

Digital Workflows

With a set of low-code and no-code development capabilities, business users and citizen developers can design, build and run digital workflows easier and smarter.


Robotic process automation streamlines system integrations and automates time-consuming, manual tasks—delivering end-to-end automation.


Digitize paper-based processes with electronic signatures, customizable branding options and integration into your customer facing applications.


Automate and streamline how you produce and manage personalized correspondence, so you can engage with customers the way they prefer.

Mobile Capture

Employ mobile ID capture, verification and facial recognition capabilities to ensure process integrity and a smooth user experience.


Drive a Happier and More Efficient Onboarding Experience

Entrepreneurs, partners and islamic woman conference in modern meeting room. Happy mature african businessman putting forward his suggestions to colleagues. Group of multiethnic business people brainstorming together.

Speed to completion

Automate time-consuming tasks within minutes rather than days—improving customer satisfaction.

Real-time visibility

Enable a 360-degree view of your customer onboarding journey and manage every step to ensure completion.

Improved accuracy

Eliminate errors across document processing and customer data entry in your CRM, ERP and core systems.

Operational efficiency

Provide employees with timely access to the information they need to get their work done quickly and efficiently.

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Ready to get started?

Whether you need to digitally transform a simple task or an end-to-end process, we can help you do it.