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Case Study

MSA Multi Serass saves the equivalent workload of four resources using Kofax Claims Agility

Automated document classification provides significant benefits, and MSA Multi Serass quickly achieved highly ambitious business objectives thanks to Kofax Claims Agility™.

The Challenge

The Challenge

The past eight years have been pivotal for MSA Multi Serass. However, along with company growth came increased costs. The company needed a targeted technology solution to control expenses and optimize operations.

Additionally, the company faces a multitude of labor intensive processes, including the recognition of documents, a core activity for a company operating in the claims management and settlement sector. “We are required to handle various types of documents on a daily basis,” explains Giovanni Campus, MSA Multi Serass General Manager. “A multitude of forms, ranging from new claim applications to the processing of diverse types of claims, including expert reports, damage claims, and approvals. All in electronic format, e-mail or fax, and paper.”

However, the need for an application to automatically handle this critical phase of the process was significantly impacted by the availability of solutions on the market. “My perception was that the market was unable to offer effective solutions and tools,” affirms Campus. “In our industry, the correct identification of a document in the early stages of a process is critical to the quality of the next step in the process.” Multi Serass MSA had investigated various document classification tools, which had proved to be ineffective. “We rely on approximately forty classification parameters, which is significantly more compared to the average user. For us, it was critical not to scale down our management approach, but to find a suitable solution able to support the volumes required by our operating standards.”

The Solution

The Solution

Finding the Kofax Claims Agility™ solution represented a true turning point for MSA Multi Serass, which immediately launched a project to integrate it into various phases of the company’s claims processing operations. It began with a technical calibration process that lasted less than two months, managed by Kofax Enterprise Software and CWS technical experts (Kofax Platinum Partner), who worked side by side with the customer. This was followed by a tuning phase that was carried out internally by the customer. During this phase, the solution was enhanced to recognize the keywords associated with various algorithms. The Claims Agility solution was therefore implemented into production in the span of just a few months.

Based on keywords, the solution now scans and classifies each document. The information gathered is automatically sent to the appropriate team, depending on whether the document concerns a new claim or an existing claim, and the process keeps moving.

“We quickly realized that the solution was able to facilitate real-time management,” adds Campus, “given the ability of the technology to analyze data in a very effective manner compared to a manual management process.”

The Results

The Results

Kofax Claims Agility has generated unparalleled benefits. “Based on the statistics available to us, 95% of the documents processed have exceeded the confidence threshold for reliable classification,” affirms Campus. Counting on this high level of reliability has allowed MSA Multi Serass to reach an important goal in just a few months, managing an average of 30,000 documents per month.

The resulting savings in resources and time are more than evident. Prior to implementing Claims Agility, in order to keep up with the growth of the business, Multi Serass would have had to significantly increase their workforce responsible for document indexing. This takes into account highly competent and qualified personnel: for a company such as MSA Multi Serass, an indexing error can have very serious consequences. “It is sufficient to consider a claim that is not classified as such,” Campus specifies. “We have relationships with supervisory authorities and with customers for which mistakes of this type are unacceptable.”

Without forgetting that manual indexing is a very repetitive process that requires a combination of attention, expertise and speed, factors that can certainly not be taken for granted. “It was not easy to find personnel able to guarantee adequate performance in this regard and manage such a significant workload. In fact, we had to resort to several part time resources in order to maintain a high level of attention and productivity. The benefits we have gained impact not only efficiency but also the quality of the processing.”

Claims Agility has enabled MSA Multi Serass to save the equivalent workload of four resources. “I did not expect a 95% classification success rate. I was really impressed by this result, as well as by the remarkable savings in terms of resources and the overall impact on all aspects of the business and logistics.”