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Case Study

Grupo EULEN Centralizes and Digitizes Invoice Processing to Unlock Cost Savings and Efficiency Gains

Spanish professional services company Grupo EULEN has transformed manual and disjointed accounts payable processes into a centralized, efficient function. With a solution from Kofax, the Group has digitized and automated the processing of over 200,000 invoices payable per year, freeing up time that employees can devote to more value-added business activities.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Customers all over the world rely on Grupo EULEN for trusted, high-quality business services, from facilities management and security to healthcare and human resources support.To bring it all together, the Group partners with hundreds of specialist vendors.These partners provide the supplies and services needed to get the job done right, every time—making it critical for Grupo EULEN to ensure they are paid accurately and on time.

However, as business continued to boom, the Group found that existing accounts payable (AP) processes—largely manual and paper-based—were struggling to scale up to meet rising volumes.

Juan Pérez Garijo, Sales Director at Grupo EULEN, explained: “We process approximately 20,000 invoices payable each month. In the past, invoices were entirely paper-based and processed by a number of different teams based in several locations across Spain.”

Slow, manual and fragmented AP operations risked translating into payment delays and miscalculated sums, which could potentially damage the Group’s relationship with its suppliers. With paper invoices scattered across different locations, teams often had dificulty accessing the documents at a later stage; for instance, if a supplier raised a dispute about a payment. Additionally, staff had to devote a considerable amount of time to check and process invoices manually, which prevented them from lending their skills to more valuable business activities.

Garijo continued: “We didn’t want inef cient AP processes to hold us back from expanding the business. We knew that optimizing the way we handle invoices payable would allow us to free up more time and resources to focus on value- added tasks, helping drive our growth strategy.”

The Solution

The Solution

Grupo EULEN began reviewing several leading solutions for the automation and digitization of invoices, and was impressed with the potential offered by Kofax ReadSoft Invoices.The company enlisted a Kofax Business Partner to showcase the functions and advantages of deploying this solution, and was immediately convinced.

The skills and expertise delivered by Kofax during the solution implementation were equally striking, as Garijo remarked: “Working with the Kofax team was a real pleasure. Not only are their people extremely competent and knowledgeable, they are also very personable, and demonstrated a genuine commitment to our company’s goals.”

Having selected the technology foundation for its new approach to invoices payable processing, Grupo EULEN’s next step was to embark on a major operational transformation, centralizing AP processes throughout Spain.

Garijo continued: “As part of the project, we established a shared services center in Madrid, from which we manage the entirety of our invoices payable coming from different parts of Spain. ReadSoft Invoices Invoices is at the heart of this shared services center, which in turn is a vital part of our business.”

Grupo EULEN has achieved full automation, digitization and centralization of its AP processes. Today, Group companies across the country send their invoices payable to the shared services center, where teams use ReadSoft Invoices Invoices to automatically capture key information from the invoices, validate it and transfer it to the Group’s ERP system for processing.

The Results

The Results

Going digital and managing invoices payable from a single point of control translates into greater accuracy, reliability and traceability of information, which allows Grupo EULEN to be more proactive and precise in its payments.

Garijo elaborated: “As we are now monitoring all of our invoices payable from one point of control, we have dramatically optimized this business area. We can now process, store and access invoice les rapidly and easily, eliminating potential payment delays, calculation errors or information loss.”

This all-encompassing optimization has delivered huge savings in terms of time and resources, enabling Grupo EULEN’s staff to move away from tedious administrative tasks and focus on more productive and valuable activities that spur business growth, as Garijo con rmed: “In the past, dozens of employees across the entire country used to spend a large part of their time processing invoices. Now, with the Kofax solution, only ve people handle these operations from our shared services center, swiftly and ef ciently.”

He concluded: “By achieving full automation, digitalization and centralization of invoicing processes we are now in an ideal position to pursue our growth objectives. Kofax was instrumental in helping us get to this stage, and will continue to be a crucial enabler of our business expansion in the future.”