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Exploring PDF Pro 10 Alternative Options

Every business engages in the complex process of identifying, acquiring, and deploying software to support daily activities. Such software is often essential to both high-level processes and simpler daily tasks, such as working with PDF files. A basic, free PDF reader won't give you the tools that you need to edit, convert, or create PDF documents, which may send your team scrambling for options. One of those options is PDF Pro 10—but your search for the right PDF tool shouldn't end there.

PDF Pro 10 lacks some of the key features that enterprise-level users need, especially tools such as optical character recognition. When it becomes apparent that this software is not the ideal solution to suit your needs, you won't have to hunt for long: there is a business-oriented solution ready for you to deploy right now.

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With Kofax Power PDF, you can address the key needs of your business‘s digital document workflows equipped with an excellent PDF Pro 10 alternative.

Why Software Built for Business Matters

With so many options for PDF programs on the market, it can be challenging to identify the appropriate alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Software such as PDF Pro 10 may work for casual users, but because its design isn't oriented to enterprise use, it lacks support for functions that are critical to many enterprise users. Selecting Power PDF instead affords you the opportunity to tap into benefits such as:

  • Advanced functionality, leading to opportunities for process improvements and improved employee satisfaction. Tools built with your goals in mind are easier to implement and make tedious tasks take less time.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions for connecting document workflows with cloud storage and collaboration tools for faster, more reliable processes in large workforces.
  • Safer PDF processes with built-in anti-malware protections, security options, and permission restrictions to keep sensitive data in the right hands.

Why Power PDF Fits Enterprise Needs Perfectly

Whether you need to build PDF forms or access intuitive tools for creating and editing professionally designed documents, Power PDF ticks all the boxes for business users. A quick look at some of its core features reveals why it has a place in so many offices:

  • An easy-to-learn user interface, whether on PC or Mac. Avoid troublesome delays and costly re-training: use software designed for the average knowledge worker to understand quickly.
  • High-accuracy optical character recognition for both scanned documents and converted PDFs. Produce full-text searchable documents perfect for archival purposes.
  • Rapid document conversion to and from a wide variety of files, including JPG to PDF, PDF to Excel, and many more.

Explore an Upgrade for Your PDF Capabilities Today

The right features and compatibility are essential elements to identify in any PDF software that you choose to evaluate for your business. There is one deciding factor that typically weighs more than the rest: cost. On this front, Power PDF represents a strong competitor.

With a fully optional support and maintenance contract, there is no long-term lock-in on this platform. Users pay a single, one-time licensing fee and unlock access to that version forever. With customized quotes available for volume licenses, Power PDF is not only full of the functionality that you need but also comes at a fair, sensible price.

Try Power PDF Advanced free for 15 days to see firsthand why it stands out as one of the leading alternative PDF editors today.

We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you