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What is a Good PDF Reader and Editor for Mac?

As an entrepreneur, you need to access the best available professional resources to get the job done. If you don’t work with efficiency, you fall behind the curve and lose clients to the competition. At all points, you must maintain professionalism and set your potential clients at ease with the knowledge that you know what you’re doing so they feel comfortable working with you.

One way to set clients at ease is to use PDF files rather than formats such as .doc. If you submit a work contract or invoice in a format other than PDF or struggle with document conversions and organization, clients may get the feeling that you aren’t that serious. Preventing this impression is doubly important when pitching your business to potential investors.

Considering how integral PDFs are to impressive business communications, you need Kofax Power PDF for Mac, a high-quality PDF reader and editor.

Key Benefits to Using Power PDF for Mac

As you search for a quality PDF solution for your Mac, consider the key benefits of using Power PDF:

  • Security - Power PDF uses 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption and permission controls to secure your PDF documents against unwanted access. You can keep confidential information between you and your intended audience. Power PDF is a safe tool for reading other PDFs. While other readers may fall prey to malicious code, Power PDF is specifically designed to protect your system from embedded viruses.
  • Ease of Use and Accessibility - Kofax used an elegant design approach in Power PDF. Most users immediately understand how to use most of the program’s functions because they are intuitive. Power PDF Standard includes access to your iCloud or Dropbox cloud drives, meaning that you can effortlessly collaborate with team members or work remotely without losing any functionality.
  • Powerful Features - Power PDF provides the ability to create cross-platform fillable PDFs to make it easy for PC-based businesses to work with you. Editing PDFs is easier than ever with Power PDF’s dynamic stamps and commenting tools and the ability to merge multiple PDFs or split a large PDF into multiple smaller ones as you see fit.
  • Easy Document Conversion - One of Power PDF’s greatest strengths is seamless document conversion. Power PDF uses industry-leading conversion technology to turn PDFs into formats that standard word processors can edit. These conversions faithfully retain text, images and tables, including complex layouts with multiple columns and paragraph distribution.

Incorporating Power PDF into Your Business

Power PDF for Mac is the ideal PDF reader and editor for your business. You can leverage its advanced technology to protect your proprietary offerings, create professional documents that impress your clients and collaborate more effectively with team members and business partners. Power PDF is backed by a 30-day guarantee, which gives entrepreneurs plenty of time to experience how this program can fundamentally improve the way they do business.

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