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Unveiling the Next Generation of Tungsten TotalAgility

TotalAgility 8 Release Highlights


AI-Powered Automation

Tungsten TotalAgility® 8 unveils groundbreaking advancements and generative AI capabilities to simplify content-intensive workflows and strengthen business insights. Employ this release to accelerate time to value, gain deeper insights, broaden integration capabilities and lower cost.

Accelerated Time to Value

TotalAgility 8 accelerates time to value with new Generative AI-powered Copilots, simplified extraction, document libraries and expanded citizen developer capabilities.
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Transform ideas into actionable workflows, forms and data models within TotalAgility using the power of Generative AI. Simply type in your request using an intuitive natural language interface or upload a hand-drawn image of your design and watch as it materializes in seconds. Free up to 70% of your time with Copilot for Development.

Leverage the power of Generative AI to accelerate the creation of extraction models, with zero training. Use the Copilot for Extraction across all document types and languages to improve accuracy and reduce setup time from hours or days to just a few seconds per field or document type.

Tap into a rich repository of pre-trained extraction models to enhance your TotalAgility workflows. Simply drag and drop cloud-based extraction models into your workflows, and the corresponding fields will auto-populate. Customize with your unique intellectual property, so you no longer need to develop extraction models from scratch.

Effortlessly extract crucial information with no training or setup required. TotalAgility 8 automatically identifies key-value pairs with unparalleled accuracy, slashing setup time by 90%.

Quick apps for citizen developers are now more intuitive and user-friendly, reducing the need for deep technical expertise. Additionally, new governance capabilities ensure adherence to business requirements and organizational policies. These new collaboration and governance capabilities strike the perfect balance between freedom and control, promoting innovation within a structured and secure environment.

Deeper Insights

Gain deeper insights into your underlying data. Enhance the speed and accuracy of your decision-making process with Copilot for Insights, now available in the Tungsten Marketplace.
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This generative AI-powered interface uses conversational AI to analyze unstructured data and unlock key insights, empowering faster, more accurate decision-making. Converse with your data naturally by asking questions and getting instant answers with annotations back to the source.

The Copilot for Insights is available in the Tungsten Marketplace as an add-on to TotalAgility.

Copilot for Insights

Enhanced Ecosystem and Integration Support

TotalAgility 8 supports broader automation and tighter integrations with enhanced RESTful Services, additional integrations, and new connectors in the Tungsten Marketplace.
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It’s even easier to integrate with TotalAgility, thanks to an enhanced suite of RESTful services. These modernized APIs empower you and your partners to seamlessly craft innovative solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Gain real-time business intelligence with integration to Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, or a custom LLM. Effortlessly weave Generative AI into your workflows, activities, forms and chat controls—with no coding required.

Seamlessly integrate third-party extraction platforms with TotalAgility 8, enabling direct updates to document fields using data from external sources. This includes enhanced support for complex JSON responses, REST headers, and diverse response handling.

Lower Cost

TotalAgility 8 lowers costs and optimizes efficiency with a variety of "under-the-hood" enhancements. These enhancements simplify updates, streamline deployments and scheduling, enhance process design, improve filtering, facilitate comparisons, and much more.

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