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Tungsten TotalAgility 7.11 Release Highlights

At Tungsten Automation, our mission to help you continuously improve and streamline your operations with automation. With our technology, we sit at the intersection of technology and people in order to accelerate organizational productivity. Tungsten TotalAgility 7.11 delivers a wealth of enhancements across the entire automation lifecycle, from optimization of data ingest, all the way through low code and how you develop applications within the platform. All of this innovation represents our continuous focus on simplifying and accelerating all of your most critical business processes.

The AI Engine for Content Extraction just became even more powerful 

According to 2021 SSON study, nearly half of organizations surveyed estimated that almost 50% of their business data is unstructured. 86% of them went on to express that the problem of unstructured data is impacting their operational productivity. At Tungsten Automation, helping organizations tackle this unstructured data problem is at the core of what we do. In Tungsten TotalAgility 7.11, we’ve enhanced our underlying engine to make it even easier to reliably extract data in some of the most complicated scenarios, specifically with documents that have multiple tables within them. Tungsten TotalAgility can now discretely recognize locate, and extract information from each of the tables in a multi-table document. No logic or coding is required to distinguish the tables from each other, and this becomes one less thing that you have to worry about in your business. This functionality will save organizations time, resources, and money, while enabling businesses to make faster, more informed decisions.

It’s easier than EVER now to integrate RPA within your KTA process

The convergence of process automation technologies, also known as Hyperautomation, continues to accelerate as organizations deploy technology against more complex business processes. Platform vendors that can provide integrated capability that spans content capture, through Tungsten RPA, orchestration, and low code are best positioned to support organizations in achieving Hyperautomation and realizing success in their digital transformation initiatives. At Tungsten Automation, we provide one of the most comprehensive platforms in the market for Hyperautomation. Our Tungsten TotalAgility product sits at the core of our platform, providing Intelligent Document Processing and Orchestration; we also provide pre-integrated products as well for Tungsten RPA, eSignature, and analytics. In Tungsten TotalAgility 7.11, we’ve streamlined the process for integrating Tungsten RPA bots within Tungsten TotalAgility workflows. You can continue to use the same powerful and flexible existing functionality to integrate robots,or take advantage of our new ‘low code’ wizard to do so.

Improved governance, security, and cloud posture

We continue to focus on ensuring that our customers are equipped with the most robust mechanisms for governance and security within our platform. This allows them to maintain peace of mind as they deploy Tungsten TotalAgility against the most complex and mission critical processes within their business. A few 7.11 enhancements along this theme include:

  • Solution Rollback: A new Rollback solution allows users to roll back a package to its previous version if an error occurs on import. This is an alternative option to a complete database backup and restore. The new Solution Rollback reduces downtime, provides more governance capabilities, and makes the platform more resilient.
  • Secure Secret Storage: Encryption keys, Tungsten TotalAgility credentials and connection strings can be stored in external cloud repositories, making it possible to create solutions without storing sensitive data in Tungsten TotalAgility. Users can generate the encryption key and select the processes required for key retrieval, user credentials and database connection.

With advanced AI, more low-code options, and stronger governance capabilities, Tungsten TotalAgility 7.11 has everything organizations need to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. For a more detailed look into Tungsten TotalAgility 7.11 release features, check out our release notes.


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