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OCR Developer Portal

Available OCR technology for engineers, system administrators, DevOps and more.


Optical Character Recognition Software

Tungsten OmniPage Capture SDK

Add robust imaging, optical character recognition (OCR) and PDF OCR capabilities to your most critical applications with Tungsten OmniPage Capture SDK. In addition to outstanding speed and accuracy, the solution delivers powerful forms-recognition and document classification technologies with minimal programming requirements. OmniPage Capture SDK is available in the following programing language/OS configurations:

  • Windows – C/C++, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Java
  • Linux – C/C++, .NET Core, Java (coming soon)
  • MacOS – C/C++

CSDK for Windows  |  CSDK for Linux  |  CSDK for Mac

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Tungsten OmniPage Server

Tungsten OmniPage Server™ is a robust and versatile OCR solution for server-based, high-volume document conversion. It's a cost-effective solution for system integrators and software developers to add document conversion capabilities into custom applications, providing a server-ready OCR technology that doesn’t require labor-intensive programming. Integrate OCR into client applications with a simple-to-use API, supporting most operating systems.

Tungsten OmniPage Server Datasheet


Features and Technology

Forms Template Editor

OmniPage Forms Template Editor (FTE) includes a UI for defining templates as well as API calls that easily extracts data from documents such as invoices, mortgage loan documents and applications.

Document Classification

OmniPage Document Classification (DC) utilizes AI, computer vision and machine learning to automatically sort documents. Includes a UI for designing models as well as API calls to programmatically classify pages. 

PDF Super-Compression

Compress PDFs using Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression technology. Separate text from pictures or backgrounds and apply optimum compression, yielding files up to ten times smaller than other methods.

Screen Capture Processing

Automatically detects screen capture images and enhances resolution for better accuracy. OCR for screen captures is critical for data loss prevention (DLP) or robotics process automation workflows.

Image Preprocessing

Market-leading image preprocessing provides tools to achieve the best OCR results for a variety of scanners, MFDs, phones and tablets. 

Multi-Language Support

Recognizes documents in over 120 different languages. Includes automatic language detection which handles documents containing mixed languages.


Pricing and Trial

The Tungsten OmniPage CSDK starts at $4,999.
Runtime licenses start at $2,100 for 500k pages. Additional pricing information is available. 

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OEM Tungsten OmniPage Server and OmniPage Capture

Tungsten Automation will take you through workflows and help you learn how Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can unlock valuable data from your business documents.

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