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Eliminate Cumbersome Workflows With the Power of RedactAI

Keeping confidential information out of unauthorized hands is no simple feat. Complex digital security processes are the first line of defense when organizations must store documents containing sensitive or personal information. When a time arrives that you must share that information, for example, as part of a legal discovery process, you must guarantee that data remains private—but that can take a huge amount of time. RedactAI changes that.

Using the Kofax TotalAgility platform and RedactAI, it is possible to remake your entire approach to this process—and dramatically improve quality along the way. Redaction processes can consume workdays in many offices, and errors remain shockingly common. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and current, versatile automation platforms paves the way for smarter, safer work.

What are the challenges facing businesses doing redactions today?

Despite how critical good redaction is for protecting confidential business information or personal data, it’s a process that remains plagued by many common problems. These include:

  • Documents that move through a highly diverse group of channels make it difficult to catch every document that requires redaction in time.
  • Many document types and formats complicate redaction and require human users to scan through the images or pages to find the correct data to redact.
  • Variations in what you must redact, such as Social Security numbers printed with or without hyphens.
  • Long turnaround times due to slow processes and high volume.


With RedactAI, you can capably address all these issues and implement solutions that deliver the desired results.

What is RedactAI?

Created by CDIT on top of Kofax TotalAgility, RedactAI is a powerful tool that unites AI capabilities with existing document intelligence solutions to create a potent utility for automating redaction workflows. Redact AI’s design enables high-volume use cases in areas such as the legal or public sector, healthcare and real estate. It is a highly configurable solution that “learns” and improves as it develops and understands your business processes.

RedactAI can intelligently recognize common forms of personally identifiable information and uses natural language processing to detect potential areas of sensitive data in documents. It is possible to automate most redaction tasks fully. Also, you can define other terms or events that can send proposed redactions to human auditors for a second look. What could adding this functionality to your business offer?

What can RedactAI do for your processes?

Integrating the capabilities of RedactAI triggers a process transformation to reshape how you complete this process from end to end. What once might take days of continuous work can now happen much faster. RedactAI is so powerful it achieves a positive ROI through cost savings. Here are a few of the ways you could see that transformation in action:

  • Automatically receive and ingest documents for redaction regardless of their point of origin. Whether submitted through an API or a web portal or arriving as an email or a new scan, RedactAI uses TotalAgility’s robust capabilities to extract text and manipulate documents as required.
  • Provide RedactAI with redaction templates based on your most common document types and define the conditions which trigger human audits of the AI redaction process.
  • RedactAI intelligently recognizes PII or other information you’ve defined via templates. See every location in a document that needs redaction at a glance.
  • Integrate closely with our current business systems to move redacted documents to the correct location.
  • For those providing redaction services, RedactAI can assess the volume of work required to censor a particular document and generate an automatic quote for your invoicing department.

Between AI and NLP, RedactAI interacts with documents in a very human way, quickly recognizing the information you must obscure. Instead of relying on potentially error-prone human-led processes, you can devote employee experience to validating automated redactions and making corrections or comments during audits as needed.

Highly configurable and customizable using low/no-code functionality, RedactAI slots seamlessly into any business and learns what you need.

Reshape This Critical Business Process Today

Improving redaction processes isn’t only about protecting personal information from theft or misuse—it’s also fundamental to meeting a broad spectrum of compliance requirements. By adding a mature AI tool into your workflow, countless process improvements await you. Once configured and deployed in your organization, you’ll spend less time and money training knowledge workers in redaction processes.

RedactAI by CDIT combines AI’s power with the TotalAgility platform’s robust functionality. With consulting and support available for your business, getting started is quick and simple. Find out more in the Kofax Marketplace today.

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