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Financial Process Automation

Avoid Subscription Fees with Tungsten Power PDF Business Licenses

Enterprise-level businesses must manage significant logistical hurdles. Equipping your employees with the tools they need to complete their tasks involves extensive research, setup, monetary investments, and ongoing support. This challenge is only made more difficult by the variety of options available on the market. How can you discern which PDF software is able to serve your business best?

Tungsten Power PDF offers many compelling features that simplify the choice and make it apparent that this program is the go-to option for enterprise-level PDF editing and management. Today, we’re focusing on one of the most important reasons that businesses make the switch to Power PDF: monetary savings. When we looked at how subscription fees for enterprise software worked, we found that there was a better way to provide our products than competitors such as Adobe and Foxit use.

How Different Subscription Schemes Stack Up Against Tungsten Automation

Today, the most common way that companies charge for business software is to set up an ongoing subscription. Generally, your business must renew these subscriptions annually to enable your employees to use the program. In some cases, these subscriptions may be tailored to larger companies so that multiple users receive unique licenses. Your IT teams and network administrators must then manage multiple admin licenses to ensure that enough employees have access to the programs that you need them to use. Sometimes, businesses will ration these licenses so that key employees have access to the software at certain times. This method is an attempt to cut costs while still gaining the benefits of the program.

Tungsten Automation has determined that businesses need a better solution. We’ve created Power PDF with a perpetual license, meaning that you don’t need to renew a license at any point to continue using that version of the software. There are two other significant advantages to our perpetual license:

  • We allow your business to set up as many users as you need with a single administrator. This capability streamlines how your IT department can work with the software and eliminates administrative redundancy. Your team needs only to manage that one admin license to oversee the entire company.
  • We tailor our enterprise licenses to suit your company’s size. You can get dozens or hundreds of users to access the program through a single perpetual license. Our client support team can assess your company’s needs and help you determine the best operational level for your license.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Save Money and Improve Business Functions

We designed our software to serve your company’s needs and created each software feature to help our business clients improve their workflows, while we set up the perpetual license to offer an economical solution to a recurring financial burden that enterprise businesses face. When you consider the economic benefits, IT simplicity, and license flexibility, it becomes clear that Power PDF is an ideal solution for your business’s needs. Contact our enterprise sales team to learn more about this program and see how it can help your business Work Like Tomorrow.