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Power PDF Advanced Volume (for Enterprises) Quote Request

Network deployment, a single license, for 5+ users—all in one solution.

Let's get started on your upgrade process to Tungsten Power PDF 5 for your organization. To have an account manager reach out with a quote and instructions, simply fill out the form on this page. If you have an active maintenance plan with Tungsten Automation for your Power PDF Advanced Volume (Enterprise) licenses, your upgrade is free! 

We built Tungsten Power PDF Advanced Volume (for Enterprise) specifically to fit the needs of large and growing organizations like yours. Our solution makes it easy for you to create, edit and assemble documents across any platform or device, enabling internal and external workflow continuity. Improve your document processes and reclaim valuable time in every workday.

Power PDF Enterprise Volume Licensing

Get a customized quote and cost comparison.

Improved Benefits with New Power PDF 5

  • Works like Office desktop products, so it’s easy to learn
  • Meets simple to complex needs, enabling standardization on a single tool
  • Includes industry standards for encryption, redaction and more
  • Supports lossless PDF/A-4 archiving
  • Fuzzy search helps uncover typos, incomplete information and non-exact matches of your query
  • Browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to open and create PDFs
  • Fully integrated Tungsten SignDoc e-signature tools with no web components
  • Power PDF Mobile app to stay connected wherever you go. Built-in bookmarks and e-signature
  • Works across devices and platforms and allows easy sharing of documents in the cloud

PC System Requirements

  • Supported operating systems
    • Windows 11; 32-bit and 64-bit editions
    • Windows 10; 32-bit and 64-bit editions
    • Windows 10; 32-bit and 64-bit editions

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Reviews featured on  TrustRadius logo

Super easy, intuitive, and user-friendly. Picked up the basics on day one and now I am using it at a very high level!. 

We are using this program to manage all of our purchase agreements and any other paperwork that has to do with a real estate transaction. It allows us to split documents which is crucial to our busine... 

Formally only used Adobe, but was not getting results desired, made the switch and very happy! 

I find it much easier to use than the competitors, and it actually seems to work/paint the results faster. 

Anytime one needs a PDF, Kofax is more than adequate to perform any task associated with PDFs. 

Lower price than competitors. 

Kofax Power PDF has provided better functionality, better ease of use, and a better price point than Acrobat. 

ability to read a PDF document and easily extract both imagery and written text for use in Microsoft Office has been valuable 

The commenting and annotation features are also quite useful as I work in a collaborative virtual environment 

Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance) is just as powerful as the full version of Adobe Acrobat for a fraction of the cost 

It is very easy to use. The new interface has the look and feel of Microsoft Office—it is much more intuitive to use. 

I can annotate PDFs submitted by my students—placing my grading notes into their document provides the best feedback 

am using it more & more as replacement for Adobe 

Quicker response upon printing (Adobe is VERY slow) 

I like it's ease of use for combining & extraction of files 

Power PDF is our go-to software for reading, creating, and commenting on PDF files. We find it much more user friendly than similar Adobe products. It's conversion options are simple to use and are go... 

Power PDF does an excellent job of converting to and from MS Word and Excel files. 

Power PDF is easier to use and less expensive than Adobe Acrobat. 

Kofax Power PDF is clearly a superior product that is a cost-effective, efficient and a perfect substitute for Adobe Acrobat, the gold standard of PDF conversion software. 

We use Kofax Power PDF to convert documents to. pdf format. It does everything we need it to do and more, while being cost efficient. It provides fax confirmations and the ability to re-send. We are v... 

It is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It does pretty much everything Acrobat does without costing an arm and a leg. 

Adobe's pricing and licensing strategy are prohibitive for most users. Kofax has proven to be a solid replacement for Acrobat. It does everything we expected from Acrobat Pro at a reasonable price and... 

The annotation tools are extensive and intuitive. 

Very simple to use right from the beginning. Most of the controls are very intuitive. I have had no difficulty using the software on a day to day basis and I plan to recommend the software to the rest... 

Kofax is much more efficient, takes up less memory, and a simpler to use. Adobe products may be useful to some, but I found them to be overly complicated and “resource hogs. ”. 

If you need to do redacting, document combining, or complex document editing, Kofax is excellent. 

Our clients often send documents in multiple pages that need to be combined into one. Kofax Power PDF makes that a seamless process. 

Kofax Power PDF has replaced my PDF viewer, editor, and converter. It is now my software of choice. 

The PDF editor works very well. There are many options to chose from for editing and marking the documents. I particularly value the ability to add, shape, modify and color text boxes placed on the PD... 

With the increased levels of security in all aspects of our business we cannot use the subscription model in areas and prefer perpetual licenses. Kofax Power PDF meets and exceeds all our portable doc... 

The biggest benefit provided by Kofax over the other products evaluated is cost. Kofax can be acquired at over 50% less (at an enterprise level) than Adobe Acrobat DC, while it doesn't have all of the... 

Kofax Power PDF is a lifesaver in the legal industry. With most things done electronically these days, including the filing of all court documents, it is imperative to have a consistent and reliable c... 

Kofax Power PDF works rather seamlessly most of the time. I have rarely needed support for this program, but on the one or two occasions where I have needed support, it has always been a quick and eas... 

I have used other. pdf conversion programs in the past, but Kofax Power PDF is by far one of the best. It is so easy to use - just a click of the icon and it does the rest. 

Kofax Power PDF has saved me a remarkable amount of time in publishing documents, which is a major part of my work, on our organisation's website. 

I find Kofax Power PDF to be extremely well suited to combining and optimising documents. These are functions that I use on a very regular basis when preparing agendas for publication on the web. 

The Support Service has always been very quick to respond to my enquiries and have been willing to assist. On each occasion, they were able to resolve my issues and/or give me the means by which I cou... 

The PDF editing capability are on par with Adobe PDF and much farther ahead of free options. This allowed me to save money and still perform my work. 

Power PDF is great for PDF editing and for overall workflow tasks across various departments. 

Power PDF is intuitive to use. It integrates with Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office very well. 

Adobe is clunky. I'd pick Kofax over Adobe DC any day. 

Very easy to use. The export to Microsoft Office is as easy as a click of a button. 

Securing PDFs for e-mails was a major driving factor for using the product 

there's nothing the app can't do that I need it to do 

It's stable (never crashes), it does what I need it to, and it's reasonably priced 

Has the most capabilities of any similar app. and is a better value. 

Acrobat is expensive and Kofax has all the features that I need at a fraction of the cost. It is very feature-rich for the value. 

Kofax Power PDF is EASY. I'm redlining a CAD file with a field-directed change while standing in the field using my iPad. I simply opened our shared PDF of the drawing and made the redlines as we walk... 

We use Kofax Power PDF to share CAD files in simple and much-reduced file sizes for construction documents, drawings, field production orders, and virtually any document we'd like to share internally... 

Kofax Power PDF helps us cross our organization, many depts using it. We've had this software for almost a year now. I use it to convert and modify documents to PDF format. It has replaced Adobe Acrob...