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Best-in-class PDF document security & privacy

Keep your sensitive PDFs secure from hackers and only accessible by you and your designated recipients

No matter what your business does, you have documents that you want to ensure remain viewable only by the right individuals. Rather than take the risk of letting other people access them when they shouldn’t, you must use a program that offers the highest level of security possible. However, you can’t put security ahead of the necessary ability to function in the first place, so you need software that combines both ease of use and access for the right people with adequate security against those who shouldn’t have access to your documents.

Kofax Power PDF strikes the perfect balance by offering robust security solutions using various methods. With this alternative to Adobe Acrobat, you can take advantage of Microsoft’s Rights Management Service to ensure that your documents remain secure in all situations. Keep reading below to learn more about Power PDF security features.

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Three Ways to Approach PDF Security

Power PDF offers you the flexibility to choose from several security methods. Depending on your unique situation, each of these may appeal in different ways. The choice is yours to decide how you protect your documents:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Service (AD RMS) - By far the easiest way to secure your documents and ensure access to the relevant people, is to take advantage of RMS. This directory-based security approach allows your contractors, clients, and staff to access the documents without having to enter a password each time. Nevertheless, RMS stymies those prying eyes who would want access to sensitive legal, medical, technical, and financial records.
  • Password Protection - You can also use simple password protection for your PDFs when you do not know each individual who should eventually access the document. In this case, Power PDF applies 128-bit or 256-bit encryption and permissions to your PDF files to protect them from attempts to breach your privacy. With PDF 2.0 support, you can choose the newest version of AES 256-bit Revision 6 encryption.
  • FIPS-Compliant Digital Signatures and Redaction - You can always prove the proper origin of your documents with Power PDF’s secure signatures. The Federal Information Processing Standards define the requirements to be safe against fraud, and Power PDF uses technology that meets or exceeds those requirements. Further, you can definitively redact sensitive information either manually or based on specific search criteria using our intelligent Looks Like Search.

Each of these methods forms part of a comprehensive security and access management approach. Taken together, you can always ensure that the right people have access to the documents they need to work with while those documents remain secure against any intrusion.

Integrating High-Quality Security into Your Business Operations

PDF Security should be a matter of course for your business. When you bring Power PDF to your office, you open the door to best-in-class security measures that combine with the flexibility of our PDF management tools. Thus, from the moment that your team begins creating or modifying your PDFs, you’ll remain with a program that can also protect them from any digital security threat. The best way to explore how Power PDF can assist your business is to take advantage of our free trial. See it in action to understand how we can help you improve both the security and efficiency of your workflow.


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