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How to Register Kofax Power PDF for Your Business

When you purchase licenses for Kofax Power PDF, it’s essential that you register the program with our support team. By doing so, you unlock several benefits and ensure that your team gets the most utility out of this powerful program. Below, we review the process to register Power PDF in your business’s name and what you gain by doing so.

The Registration Process

The process begins by purchasing the program from There are several editions to choose from: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. For all three editions, the next steps in the registration procedure are the same. You’ll receive an email containing the software and a unique serial number. This serial number ties your license exclusively to your business, so it’s essential to make a note of this number.

After you download and install the program on a computer connected to the internet, it will prompt you to enter the serial number. Then, you’ll verify your business’s information and simultaneously activate the software and complete the registration process.

How Registration Benefits Your Business

For Power PDF Advanced, Standard and Standard for Mac
This simple process unlocks several benefits for your business. First, you can re-download your software for free over the course of the next two weeks. Second, you activate the 30-day money-back guarantee. We stand by our software and believe that it can substantially help your business, but if any complications prevent you from getting the value you need, we’ll refund the software’s purchase price within this period. You must have registered the program, have proof of payment and contact our support team to receive the refund, which takes about one week.

When you decide to keep the software, you also have 90 days of ongoing customer support. Your team can ask any questions that arise, and we’ll provide comprehensive answers that address your concerns. Please note that this technical support is limited to Power PDF installation, setup, configuration, reinstallation and questions that arise during normal usage. Beyond the first 90 days, we continue to provide support, but there may be support rates associated with questions unrelated to Power PDF.

For Power PDF Enterprise
For Power PDF Enterprise customers with a Maintenance & Support plan, your support is good for the term of the contract, along with all updates and upgrades.

Helpful Links to Get the Process Started

Power PDF is an easy-to-learn program that integrates with the systems your employees already use. You’ll quickly find that this program reduces the time it takes to complete tasks and improves the quality of your team’s work. Our premier customer and technical support can help you address any questions that arise, while the program’s simple interface makes it easy to explore the features and learn how to use the key functions. To learn more about the program, use the following helpful links:

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