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How to Edit a PDF

The PDF is a common type of file that small business owners are likely to encounter in many contexts, from downloading materials on the web to receiving documents as email attachments. Business owners may use a "scan to PDF" functionality on a scanner to receive a high-fidelity digital copy of physical paperwork.

Have you ever opened a PDF, only to find that all you can do is read it—not make edits? This scenario occurs because there is a difference between PDF readers and PDF editors. To take full advantage of the PDF file format, you need to equip your business with a PDF editor.


Choosing a Program for PDF Manipulation

As with word processing and spreadsheet software, a PDF editor is a fundamental software tool for businesses. There are many options out there, so how do you choose the right one to make editing a breeze? You should look for software that harmonizes these elements:

  • Ease of use. When you want to edit a PDF, it should be fast, intuitive, and easy for anyone in the company to learn.
  • Feature-rich. You need a full suite of tools for manipulating PDFs to support work in any scenario.
  • Affordability. Software shouldn't burden your business with expenses that mount until they become unbearable.
  • Long-term support. Look for software that receives regular updates and is well-maintained.

Kofax Power PDF ticks each of these boxes to deliver PDF editing so simple and effective that it could redefine the way that your employees think about this format.

Editing PDFs Made Simpler with Power PDF

With Power PDF, basic text editing is simple and takes only a few clicks to initiate. Within the "Edit" tab of the software, users will find a convenient "Edit Text" button. Clicking this button makes all the text boxes on the PDF editable so that users can quickly change fonts, colors, sizing, and much more. You can even add additional graphics and change other document elements.

Sometimes, you may need to make more extensive edits or changes to a document. Editing directly within a PDF is possible, but it may not be the most efficient choice. Instead, you can choose to convert the file into another format so that making such changes is easier. For example, you could transform the PDF into a Word file, make the additions and edits that you require, and then convert the document back into PDF without losing any quality. Such versatility makes PDF an even more useful format for any business.


Work Like Tomorrow with Better Document Tools

Working with PDFs can seem frustrating and inefficient—until you select a tool that is purpose-built for the job. Power PDF not only provides a huge number of tools for editing and manipulating these files, but it does so at a 70% savings over the first three years compared to a typical annual subscription to Adobe Acrobat.

See how much of a difference you could experience in your daily workflows by upgrading to a richly-featured PDF editor built for business users. Contact Kofax to learn more, and start your free 14-day trial to explore these features firsthand.

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