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How Power PDF Empowers Your Business for Success

Small and large businesses alike constantly depend on PDFs for compliance, communication and more. At this point, the file format is so ubiquitous that you’ll find it everywhere, from your bank statements to your children’s homework, from tax forms to instructions on how to assemble a table. However, some businesses need functionality such as converting PDFs to and from other formats and enabling password protection.

Power PDF is a highly-effective alternative that can do everything your business needs for less money than you’re accustomed to paying.

How Power PDF Stacks Up against Mainstays (Such as Adobe)

At this point, everyone has had a chance to use Adobe Acrobat or its Lite version, Acrobat Reader. Before we developed Power PDF, there wasn’t even a viable alternative. Admittedly, Adobe worked very well for yesterday’s business. Nevertheless, times changed, and so did our business needs. If you’re like us, you’re hungry for something new, something better suited to the work your business does.

  • The Way It’s Been
    The business world wouldn’t be what it is today without legacy brands that led the way. We certainly believe in giving credit where credit is due, and the current standards of working with PDFs work well for yesterday’s business world, but as professionals, we must think ahead - what will the world be like tomorrow? One trend we’ve seen recently is subscription prices that lock businesses into expensive contracts. Year after year, those contracts renew, yet the price goes up.

    Is your business getting an honest return on those increases? Perhaps you’re only experiencing basic PDF functionality, limited options for signatures and export options that don’t entirely give your business the compatibility it needs to succeed. After all, how many times have you completed a fillable PDF only to discover that the information you entered wasn’t saved? You don’t always remember that you have to print or export the document, and that wasted time can have a real impact. As it turns out, working yesterday’s methods just don’t cut it for today’s businesses.
  • How to Work Like Tomorrow
    Fortunately, there are new options. Power PDF keeps all the best features of the past and develops innovative, workable solutions for your business. For example, you can say goodbye to ever-increasing contracts. With Power PDF, you pay one affordable price, and that’s it. Now, you can focus on doing the work you need to do and keep your money for the team that’s working for you.

    With our secure PDFs, you can convert Word documents to PDF and back as needed. Protect your data while you make it easily accessible to the people who need it most. Enjoy our user-friendly interface that makes sense - no more head-scratching as you wonder how to adjust the document the way you want it. Instead, you have access to powerful tools that free up your time to get your company ahead of the curve. With Power PDF, you can Work Like Tomorrow - today.

Finding the Right Version for Your Business

Power PDF brings something new to the market - an elegant solution to your business’s needs for both today and tomorrow. Just as each organization is unique and has distinct needs, we offer several variations on the core software:

  • Power PDF Standard
    Most small businesses need software that provides core functionality, including converting PDFs to Word documents and other formats. Specifically, they need software that accurately delivers documents where they need to go and without error. Further, when their staff and clients receive these documents, the user interface must be easy enough to apply without confusion, but powerful enough to provide flexible commenting and markup options. With Power PDF Standard, your team and clients can convert, edit and review PDFs with ease beyond any alternative on the market.

    The standard version is available for both Mac and PC. You can download the free trial to experience its intuitive design for yourself.
  • Power PDF Advanced
    Some businesses require additional security and features to communicate effectively. Law firms, medical facilities, financial institutions, governmental organizations and other large employers demand a higher level of functionality. Empower your employees to collaborate in real-time, thereby cutting down on wasted effort and maximizing the benefits of having a skilled team. Redact sensitive information and share only what you want to without fear of someone reverting the document to a prior version to learn things they should know. With Power PDF Advanced, you can ensure that only the people who are supposed to, see your sensitive information.
  • Power PDF Enterprise
    This version is suitable for the largest organizations. It includes the powerful features of Advanced, such as watermarking, e-signatures, password protection, and converting PDFs. Additionally, you can spread the licenses you need throughout your whole enterprise. Thus, you can empower your team to collaborate more effectively via your company’s cloud. Power PDF Enterprise sanctions your team to edit, convert, redact, protect and share PDFs regardless of their location. We adapt Enterprise to suit your business, so contact us to get a customized quote.

Getting the Most out of Your Documents

Power PDF is designed for the businesses of tomorrow. You’ll experience the high efficiency of working with the future of PDF applications. One version of the program is best suited to your company, depending on its size and functions. And our team is happy to review this decision with you so that you make an informed choice for your business.

Your business deserves a high-quality, cost-effective solution to your document management needs. Power PDF takes an outdated and frustrating process and combines all the features you need. PDFs are already everywhere, and they’re only becoming more commonly used. Make sure your business can Work Like Tomorrow with Kofax Power PDF.

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We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the Power PDF solution that's right for you