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Enrich Legal Team Capabilities with eSignature Technology

Signatures are one of the most powerful forms of personal verification and approval and they remain front and center in many document workflows, even in today's digital age. The PDF format makes it possible to fully recreate the wet-ink signature process in an all-electronic space.

At Kofax, we've always integrated Power PDF with robust support for leading third-party e-signing solutions alongside the versatile utility of Kofax SignDoc. But these third-party solutions have a weak link: the user must open a web browser to confirm their signature. It’s not ideal. In addition to creating an extra step, there’s risk, such as when using a public network.

In its latest release, Power PDF 5 provides an enhanced SignDoc integration for an evn better experience.

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Introducing an Improved All-in-One Solution

A complete in-app end-to-end signing system is here—delivering even faster results and most importantly, added security. In the newest version of Power PDF, we've fully incorporated SignDoc into the software. With this direct integration of SignDoc Server, users no longer need to leave the program to complete the workflow.

By bundling the process into the app, common threats such as "man in the middle" attacks become more challenging for bad actors. Meanwhile, you don't have to wait for a browser to launch to apply a signature. This ease of use and simplicity makes it perfect for high-volume processes that require a large number of approvals. Easily create templates and signatures within Power PDF and SignDoc that you can apply again and again for rapid results.

Experience All Power PDF Can Do for Your Business Today

The right software makes all the difference in how your teams approach work. From seamless electronic document signing to real-time collaboration and more, Power PDF enables your business to do more every day. And with no mandatory contracts, Power PDF's one-time licensing fee makes it cost-efficient. See firsthand how easy it is to learn and use these advanced features. Get your free trial version of Power PDF today.

Add Cost-Effective Signature Tools to Your Business

Through a powerful PDF editing solution and integrated eSignature technology, reducing bottlenecks and speeding up the flow of work is within easy reach. Not only can such process improvements save your business money today, but cost-effective licensing options for Power PDF can also help you to make even more room in your budget. With one-time licensing fees, you can reduce your PDF creator costs by up to 70% compared to a three-year Adobe subscription.

Try Power PDF free for 15 days, then find out how to secure the license your team needs to Work Like Tomorrow™.

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