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Creating a Central Location for Recordkeeping and Reporting

Few industries generate as many records per day as the healthcare sector. From individual practices to hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and even insurers, each patient has a considerable volume of information to maintain. Much of this information must remain private as well — not only patient information but also operational data and more.

With offices and care providers in the same network often spread out over a broader geographical area, maintaining records on a location basis is not feasible. Modern healthcare enterprises require a robust, safe solution for centralizing records for both archiving purposes and to develop accurate reports for well-informed operations. With effective PDF creation and editor software such as Kofax Power PDF and other tools, achieving such a setup is within easy reach.

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The Challenges Healthcare Organizations Face

Centralization is a large-scale task, and that means addressing multiple challenges on the road to success. Some of the primary issues facing any project aimed at this process include:

  • A need for scale and accessibility. Your central system may need to support only a dozen employees — or hundreds, all accessing records at the same time. Your system and tools must support today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth.
  • Inflexible operational budgets that necessitate smart spending. Healthcare outfits often face tight limitations on expenditures, and new software must align with these restrictions.
  • Meeting security and privacy requirements, such as HIPAA rules.

Power PDF Advanced, when connected with additional tools, forms the backbone of an effective effort to pull healthcare records together by delivering a richly-featured and easy-to-use PDF editor.

Choose a Secure Document Management Solution

With built-in integration for Microsoft SharePoint and other cloud document management solutions, Power PDF provides exceptional performance and time-saving capabilities for efforts to organize records better. With these tools, you can:

  • Standardize documents into a single format for easy storage and retrieval across platforms, including mobile devices. PDF excels in the medical field as a format for document storage, and you can merge PDFs with similar data to consolidate information.
  • Integrate with leading solutions for cloud storage and access control. SharePoint enables group and individual document permissions, and Power PDF integration ensures you can keep updated versions of important data in the repository at all times.
  • Encrypt documents for storage. Power PDF supports permission restrictions and password control, along with certificate-based encryption for maximum control over sensitive documents.

Develop Your Record Repository with Value in Mind

Centralization is an important goal for any business in the healthcare sector, especially given how much more data there is to handle. With an effective PDF maker in hand, meeting regulatory requirements while creating convenience for back-office staff is simple. Power PDF provides tools on par with industry leaders while delivering better value in both the short and the long-term.

Instead of only offering a yearly subscription model, Power PDF delivers excellent flexibility by using a one-time licensing fee. The bottom-line savings total 70% over a comparable three-year Adobe subscription — and the value only compounds from there. There is also an optional subscription for long-term support and future updates for organizations looking to “future proof” their plans as well.

Use a free 15-day trial to discover how simple it is to begin the process of record centralization in your healthcare organization today.

Find the Power PDF solution that's right for you

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you