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How to Redact a PDF File

Paperwork makes the world go around, whether digitally or through hard copies. Almost everything that you do involves some form of documentation. Some of those documents contain critical and sensitive information that you can’t share with colleagues or other stakeholders. The solution to this potential security concern is Kofax Power PDF, a powerful PDF editor that you can use to skillfully block out content that you don’t wish others to view.

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How to Make Effective Redactions in PDF Files

The PDF redaction tool is available in Power PDF to place black boxes on certain sensitive content. When you’re dealing with customers and their personal information, such as a home address, credit card details, salary, and similar content, you can’t willingly forward these PDF forms to other service providers before you redact the PDF on your Mac or redact the PDF on your Windows PC.

To begin, simply open Power PDF. The interface should be familiar to you if you’ve used Microsoft Office before. You’ll find a range of tabs at the top of your screen. Click on the Security tab to begin the redaction process.

The first method for redaction is clicking the PDF redaction tool through Mark Redaction and then identifying the relevant text. You should see a red border around the text that you’ve marked for redaction. Once you accept it, the text that you’ve highlighted will be redacted.

Alternatively, if you need to redact sensitive information throughout a large PDF document, you can click the Search and Redact button near the top-left of the screen. Enter the phrase or text term, and the redact tools within Power PDF will automatically mark those instances in red. When you’re satisfied with the redacted content, click the Apply Redaction button to finalize the process.

When you do so, a box will pop up asking if you’d like to remove additional elements from the document. By clicking OK, you’ll have the option to remove several components within the document. You can select Deleted Content and Metadata to remove it from the file—when you click OK, it will automatically apply those changes.

Why Choose Power PDF?

Power PDF is a powerful alternative to Adobe Acrobat with over two million users enjoying its benefits. The standout advantage of installing Power PDF is that it costs much less than other software: when you opt for the Power PDF Advanced perpetual license, you can save your business up to 67 percent in three years over Adobe Acrobat Pro.

PDF editing is easy with this software, which your employees will love. The platform’s nod to the Microsoft Office interface is a highlight for staff members who’ve always used these types of programs. You can convert PDF files to other formats and back as you require, which makes daily workflows more efficient. Cross-collaboration on documents is possible with Power PDF on your local network: colleagues can work on a document together in real-time.

To explore these benefits, test out the software through a 15-day trial, and determine if Power PDF can take your organization to the next level.

We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

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