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How to Make a PDF Smaller in Size

The PDF is an incredibly versatile format, but one attribute has been a perennial issue for users: the large file sizes produced by PDFs containing rich content.

With the addition of graphics, digital photos, and even the potential for embedded video, PDFs can rapidly grow in size, potentially reaching one hundred megabytes or more. As the number of PDFs in your business's system grows, the amount of space that they consume could become problematic—and that's not to mention the many other reasons why a smaller file size is preferable.

Let's consider why you should learn how to resize a PDF, then explore strategies for how to make a PDF smaller without losing quality, including using Kofax Power PDF to save space in everyday applications.

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The Importance of Focusing on File Size

There are three primary reasons why you may need to look for ways to make a PDF smaller in size.

  • You may need to resize a PDF to make it lightweight enough to fit within an attachment size limit. While services such as Slack have shared space, email providers and other chat programs often have a limit of around 10 megabytes. A process to make the PDF smaller in Windows will help you to stay under this limit.
  • You may need to reduce the amount of data storage consumed by your documents. Knowing how to resize PDF files can create cost-effectiveness in your storage procedures.
  • You may want to upload the PDF for viewing on the web, or for users to download and open. Huge PDFs can slow down web browsers and take too long to load. These resources will be more accessible if you resize the PDF page.

What Can You Do to Reduce the File Size?

Let’s look at options for how to create a small PDF.

Convert Files for Inclusion into PDFs

Suppose that you have documents in multiple file formats that you need to combine into one PDF. You can simply use software to convert them directly into the PDF format. You can then assemble the document to your preference.

Don't print out documents that are in a different format to use a "scan to PDF" function. This method will generate larger files than if you had converted the original documents and merged them within Power PDF.

Be Aware of the Impact of Image Quality on Size

Rich PDF content can be valuable for communicating ideas with other businesses and the public. The inclusion of images can help you to share essential facts through your PDFs. However, the more pictures that you use, the bigger the PDF's size—especially if all the images are very high in quality or resolution.

Consider adjusting image quality before you add them to the document—it’s an easy way to make a PDF smaller in size on a Mac or PC.

Use PDF Compression to Save More Space

In addition to using different document construction methods, you can also use software such as Power PDF to resize a PDF file. When you compress a PDF, the program uses a unique set of procedures to find ways to save space within the document. Image quality may reduce according to user settings, and the overall digital layout of the document will undergo reorganization to be as compact as possible.

Aside from changes to image quality, the document remains the same. Power PDF includes highly reliable compression algorithms that help you to save more space.

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Save Space with Ease with Help from Power PDF

How do you make a small PDF? The answer lies in a combination of smart document assembly techniques and a powerful PDF editor to make it fast and easy to resize a PDF file.

Power PDF not only contains all the editing and space-saving functions that your business needs but also many other essential features, from built-in security to support for electronic signatures. Start a 15-day free trial to explore PDF compression features and see how else your business can benefit from better editing software.

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We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

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