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How to Add Bates Numbering in Power PDF

In the legal and medical professions, the amount of paperwork that staff generates or handles weekly reaches staggering proportions. While a transition to paperless workflows based on PDFs makes it easier to manage this high volume, there is another issue to consider: how to easily find the specific information that you need again in the future. The Bates numbering system is the answer.

Developed more than a century ago, long before computers made the process even easier, Bates numbers give every page in every document a unique identifying number that correlates it to its parent document, its location within that document, and even its placement in a larger collection. This numbering system offers the easiest way for high-volume offices to track and archive critical data in PDF form.

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With Kofax Power PDF, Bates numbering your documents and maintaining a strict system of organization is easy—here's what you need to do.

10 Steps to Add Bates Numbers in Power PDF

To make them easy to see, Bates numbers go into the headers and footers of PDFs. You can easily add them from a single button on the header/footer menu. Before you do so, you'll need to set up Power PDF to apply the numbers. Here’s how to add Bates numbering:

  1. Select the Edit ribbon. Click "Insert," then "Bates Numbering," and Add.
  2. Click "Add Files" in the new dialog box and select all the files that you wish to number. You can also apply the scheme to any documents currently open in Power PDF. Keep files in the correct order for appropriate numbering.
  3. Click "Output" to open the Output Rules dialog.
  4. Set your output options, including where to save the new files and whether to append Bates numbers to the file names. Click OK.
  5. Returning to the "Add Bates Number" dialog, click OK again. The Header and Footer dialog automatically appears.
  6. Select the numbering scheme that you've defined, if one exists, from the drop-down. If you are numbering additional documents from earlier work, be sure to click "Extend numbering from preceding job."
  7. Click "Macros," then click "Bates Number" and "Settings."
  8. Define your Bates numbering scheme in this dialog, including the starting number, prefixes/suffixes, and other info. Click OK.
  9. Use the Header/Footer dialog to select the placement location for your numbers.
  10. Click "Insert Macro," then click OK. Power PDF uses the macro you've created to automatically number the documents according to your rules.

One critical factor to keep in mind: users cannot apply Bates numbers to documents that have digital signatures or otherwise feature encryption, so be aware of this limitation before you begin.

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Enhance Document Oversight and Handling Today

This easy and straightforward way to apply Bates numbering sequences to your documents is only a scratch on the surface of what Power PDF can offer to your business. With an extensive range of functions and features, Power PDF can transform the way that you handle digital documents. Additional features include:

  • PDF creation and conversion tools, offering total control over the format and layout of your documents.
  • Advanced document security, including support for digital signatures, password protection, document encryption, and more.
  • Support for batch processing and handling beyond Bates numbering.

With every tool that you need to exert greater control over your document workflows, Power PDF is one of the best business software choices that you can make. Try a free trial for 15 days to explore this exciting opportunity firsthand.

We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

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