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Although Polish e-invoicing obligations will become mandatory from 1 July 2024, voluntary e-invoicing in Poland has been possible since January 2022. During the voluntary period, the Polish government has refined its API connections, including its testing environment. The testing environment is viewed as a critical passage in the e-invoicing journey, as it affords taxpayers with accessibility to and increased familiarity with the APIs and the Polish e-invoicing platform, KSeF.

The Polish government has now adapted the KSeF API so that it accommodates both FA(1) and FA(2) formats. The Polish Ministry of Finance published the final version of the latter in June 2023.

In August 2023, both the FA(1) and FA(2) logical structures will co-exist on the API. The FA(2) will replace the logical structure FA(1) in its entirely on 1 September 2023. The updated FA(2) structure includes some cosmetic changes, which covers some layout and character limit modifications. It also incorporates some adaptations to cater for scenarios specifically where invoices are processed in the KSeF environment, or outside it. The updated FA(2) structure aims to alleviate some of the difficulties associated with the FA(1), by creating a more simplified and accessible schema that caters to wider range of possible scenarios. The August 2023 transition is primarily motivated by the need to allow taxpayers to adapt to the demands of the updated schema format.

The update has resulted in some field changes in the testing environment. Kofax’s Product and Development teams are currently assessing the impact of the FA(2) structure modifications, and we are committed to ensuring that these changes are reflected in our final e-invoicing solution.

You can read further information about the API change on the Polish Ministry of Finance website here.

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