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Start and Scale Accounts Payable Automation With One Provider

Drive touchless processing, realize sustainable growth and exercise full control over spend by managing AP workflows more effectively.


Optimize the Accounts Payable Process 

Harness Kofax capabilities to manage critical facets of the accounts payable process, from capturing data in invoices, to creating approval and exception workflows and ultimately routing this data into your downstream ERP systems.
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Purpose-built artificial intelligence

Purpose-built AI for accounts payable automates the recognition, identification and extraction of more text and data from more channels and content types than any other AP capture solution.

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Manage AP workflows with one provider

Build approval and exception workflows to accommodate your unique organizational policies. Track KPIs and SLA compliance while gaining greater transparency into how accounts payable processes are executed.

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Deploy as you like

Deployable on-premise, in your own private cloud or in the Microsoft Azure public cloud. Choose the public cloud for added benefits of instant scalability, reduced costs, less IT dependency and faster time-to-ROI.


Future Proof Your Accounts Payable Function With Automation

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Boost efficiency

Cut down the effort needed to improve invoicing and cash management and speed up financial close and audit procedures.

Scale for growth

Reduce manual work, accelerate invoice processing and gain greater financial control and visibility.

Become supplier-friendly

Consistently deliver accurate, on-time supplier payments, rapid dispute resolutions and improved supplier relations.


World-Class Accounts Payable Automation

Multi-Channel Invoice Capture

Accommodate the many different channels your suppliers use to send data, whether XML format, scanned, paper-based or PDF.

Purpose-Built AI

AI mimics the way a traditional processor would think and problem-solve to do things like understanding an invoice layout and determining where the right information is, no matter the format.

Electronic Invoicing

Keep pace with growing global mandates to adopt electronic invoicing.

Workflow Automation

Automatically manage approval workflows and route exceptions for review while maintaining a data trail of handoffs between people and automation.

KPI/SLA Management

Track and manage key performance indicators and service level agreements associated with your invoicing process to gain insight into how work is getting done, where money is being spent and why.

ERP Integration

Leverage out-of-the-box integration to route validated data into your existing ERP and impact ROI without expensive custom integration projects.

Case Studies

What's Your Tomorrow?

Since we went live with AP Essentials, we’ve not had a single instance of a double payment: a 100 percent accuracy rate for the solution.
Ferdia Doherty
Financial Controller, Myhealth Medical Group
One of the game changers with Kofax TotalAgility was that it offered everything we needed in a single package. There was one software platform to configure, deploy and support, and one set of integrations to make with other systems.
Associate Director of Information Technology
Kofax ReadSoft Online has transformed our AP processes, helping us to work much more productively. With accurate, efficient, automated invoice processing capabilities, we can ensure that teachers and pupils have access to the resources they need when they need them.
Accounts Payable Analyst

AP Automation FAQs

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Accounts payable automation software transforms the traditionally manual process by leveraging technology to digitally move invoices through the accounts payable process. AP automation is technology that streamlines and automates the AP function, removing manual tasks and providing better visibility and control over financial data.

Organizations that adopt accounts payable automation can experience significant benefits including greater control over cash management, reduction in processing costs, fraud mitigation and improved compliance.

The accounts payable process is initiated with the receipt for the invoice via paper or electronically (e.g., email). Once received, the invoice is captured, reviewed, matched to the purchase order, approved, coded to the appropriate department and paid.

The accounts payable process can be improved by leveraging AP automation software to streamline processes, reduce errors associated with manual processing and reduce the cost to process invoices. By improving your AP process you can boost efficiency, scale for growth and improve supplier relations.

The accounts payable process can be automated by leveraging AP automation software, replacing the manual steps associated with the process.

Accounts payable teams that leverage automation software are able to process invoices in a fraction of the time of manual invoice processing, resulting in significant time savings. Automation frees teams of the manual process constraints, shifting the focus to more high-value work and providing greater financial control and visibility.

Automated invoice processing replaces the manual processing steps with software, allowing invoices to be submitted, received, exchanged or approved without human intervention. Artificial intelligence (AI) mimics the way a traditional processor would think and problem-solve to do things like understanding an invoice layout and determining where the right information is, no matter what format the data is in.

All organizations that receive invoices can utilize AP automation software to streamline operations and gain greater insights into spend.

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