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Making Every Day in Real Estate Simpler with Power PDF

In the real estate sector, every day involves a flurry of documents arriving by fax, mail, and email. It is an immense amount of information, and managing it is not always easy — especially when you need to pass information along to a client for their approval and signature. Documents that require careful attention and proper editing aren't uncommon, either, and there is little room for error when someone's purchase of a property might be on the line. Unfortunately, in spite of increasing digitization in real estate, challenges and inefficiencies remain, slowing down the workday and causing unnecessary complications. Power PDF offers a better solution for reshaping how real estate agents interact with the most common file format in their industry.

Edit Common Documents with Greater Ease Than Ever

How many times has your office faced the following type of scenario? A seller's agent sends along a prospective purchase agreement for review between you and your client — in PDF format. Without the right software, your only option to make modifications is to print a hard copy, make notes, re-scan the print-out, and send it back page by page. Think of how much time and effort that requires when you could simply convert the PDF to another format, edit its content directly, or quickly combine multiple scans into one document.

Power PDF offers a vastly more cost-effective solution with all the document accessibility tools necessary for common real estate concerns. Leases, sale contracts, inspection reports — these standard documents and more all appear in PDF formats with increasing frequency. Power PDF equips you with the ability to manipulate these files like any other document, converting them with the highest level of accuracy available on the market. With this, it is easier to eliminate a frustrating hassle from your day while speeding up the most important detail-oriented work you do behind the scenes for clients. With collaborative features built in, agents who work together can also pool their resources more efficiently.

Simplify Client Communications and Hit Deadlines On Time

Your office isn't the only place where documents can cause slowdowns and concerns — think about all the times you'll need to send documents to your client for review or even their signature. Power PDF steps up to fill in the gaps here, too. Not only is it simple to convert files back and forth between formats, so you can share information with clients in a manner they can use, but you can use Power PDF Advanced to streamline secure signature gathering, too. With built-in DocuSign functionality, you can send the necessary forms to clients — such as a pre-sale agreement to formalize an offer on a property — and gather their signature digitally. Receive the signed documents back quickly and reduce the amount of time you and clients spend worrying about tight deadlines in competitive markets.

Enjoy the Many Other Benefits of Power PDF, Too

The best software solutions are multitaskers. In other words, they enable you to do more without the need to leave the application or add additional elements to the ecosystem. Other benefits we allow you to maximize the value of the PDF for real estate usage, include the ability to:

  • Scan to editable PDF. Rather than simply creating a PDF filled with scanned images, Power PDF incorporates some of the most robust OCR (optical character recognition) available, producing highly accurate copies you can edit as you would with a word processor. Automatic error detection further streamlines the process.
  • Encrypt and secure.Use Microsoft's Active Directory Rights Management to secure documents without passwords or use one at your discretion to lock down sensitive documents. Take advantage of the latest advances in the PDF format with stronger encryption.
  • Create and share.Create new PDFs from scratch, securely place them in the cloud, and collaborate with your coworkers to share important information on market analysis, comparable research, and much more.

Explore a More Robust Solution for Your Business Today

In an industry that embraces new technology continually, the longevity of the PDF is impressive — and so too is its explosive growth as more businesses seek to move away from cumbersome paper records. Going digital and staying that way is simple with Power PDF. When you can convert documents with the press of a button, make your edits and changes with ease, and provide clients with accessible options for signing important documents, time isn't the only thing you'll save. Try it out now by taking advantage of a free 15-day trial to explore the benefits and features firsthand. Discover the power of the PDF for real estate agents today.

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