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Power PDF Makes Every Day Easier for Professional Services 

The world of professional services is as diverse as the people working within it, comprising a broad range of industries that can include careers as comprehensive as architects and engineers to consultants and accountants. One thing is the same no matter the office, though: just about everyone will encounter the need to work with PDF files in some capacity. To many an employee's dismay, however, the software maintained for manipulating PDFs in many offices is outdated, opaque, and unpleasant to use. Kofax Power PDF aims to address all the most common pain points with a setup practically designed for those who use PDF for professional services.

Take Advantage of the Most Accurate PDF Conversion Option Available

Imagine: a coworker sends along a document with important data displayed in a table that your team must integrate into a report with a tight deadline. When you use your existing software installation, you may find you have no option to convert the file format you received into a PDF you can use. Worse, you may convert the document, only for the data to become garbled and mixed up in the process. Either scenario leads to a lengthy period of recreating the information by hand or painstakingly fixing a multitude of errors.

Few things frustrate users as much, and it's no surprise that PDFs have developed a reputation for being hard to use in spite of their portability. Power PDF puts those concerns to bed. With the latest in cutting-edge character recognition and image processing, Power PDF can capture and recreate data in document conversions with impressive accuracy. The same is true when you need to convert PDFs to other formats. For professionals, the ability to efficiently work across file formats is a key time-saver.

Share and Collaborate with the Ease You Expect

The modern workplace is an increasingly digital one, yet document solutions often seem to remain stuck in another era. Everyone else is going to the cloud and collaborating — why can't you? With Power PDF, you can. In fact, professionals who rely upon collaborative work will find Power PDF delivers a feature set that leaves their old solutions in the dust. With secure network connectivity built into the software, real-time collaboration on PDFs is now a possibility. Work together to refine a contract before sending it a client, flesh out a design document, or brainstorm marketing fliers in an environment where everyone can contribute without delay.

Adopt a Feature-Rich Software Package with a Gentle Learning Curve

Feeling nervous about the idea of transitioning to new software? Good news: Power PDF will look very familiar to you if you're well-versed in productivity software such as the Microsoft Office suite. Using the same "ribbon toolbar" style of user interface, it's easy to locate the tools you need to use to do everything from insert MP4 video files to making fillable forms. We developed Power PDF to be easy to learn. You already earned your professional license — you shouldn't need to "go back to school" to be able to use an important piece of software. With friendly support also accessible, incorporating this solution into your professional work is simple.

Reduce Waste, Boost Productivity

Power PDF does its part to help protect the environment, too, by offering options for reducing paper usage. Not only does sharing PDFs between digital platforms prevent the need for creating hard copies, but Power PDF also goes one step further. Do you need to obtain signatures regularly in your profession? It's a time-consuming process, and also one that remains reliant on paper. Power PDF Advanced, with its DocuSign integration, allows you to gather that signature digitally in no time at all. With a quick exchange of data between you and your clients, you can skip what previously required cumbersome fax machines and regular paper purchases.

Find Out Why You Should Use Power PDF for Professional Services Today

Cutting down on waste while boosting productivity is the kind of combination every business seeks from software. Discovering how the benefits of Power PDF can transform everyday operations for professionals is easy, too. With a range of solutions, from single licenses for Power PDF Advanced to broader, easily manageable site licenses, you can start your journey of discovery with a free 15-day trial. Explore faster, more accurate conversions, convenient scan-to-PDF functionality, robust forms, and all the security features you'll need to meet the needs of your clients with effectiveness and efficiency. Contact us now for a helpful conversation about bringing Power PDF to your offices soon.

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