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Power PDF to Redefine Workflows in Healthcare Environments

Information is among the most vital assets in the healthcare sector. Offices and organizations often spend innumerable hours each day, handling tasks related to paperwork. Whether it's hunting down folders in old paper filing systems, tracking patient data, or coordinating with allied care providers and insurers, information flies back and forth with dizzying frequency. It does so in a multitude of formats, too. Without the right tools to track and manage this exchange of information, it is easy for a day to bog down in the details. From streamlining intake forms to ensuring your regulatory compliance, Power PDF can reshape a healthcare organization's day-to-day with a robust, affordable software solution.

Capture and Record Crucial Patient Data with Increasing Ease

Accurate patient information is fundamental to proper care, and that requires tracking even the subtle changes between observations or office visits. Paper files, once ubiquitous, are on their way out, but many healthcare organizations still use some amalgam that can cause delays, lead to confusion, and may even cause some care providers to miss essential facts gathered by prior examinations. That's why a solution to use PDF for healthcare providers is so important — and why Power PDF has a suite of built-in features ideal for this particular function.

Creating a digital PDF template for a patient's medical record should be simple. Through these solutions, doctors can fill in a digital document immediately, or allow office staff to quickly transfer the information later. Power PDF is the perfect tool, allowing you to convert Word files to PDFs and vice versa swiftly. With a Microsoft Office-like user interface design that relies on familiar ribbon toolbars filled with understandable options, customizing your record templates is easy, too. With a flexible way to modify and interact with patient records on hand, sharing vital healthcare information between offices, hospitals, and other providers only requires a few simple clicks.

Improve Productivity without Sacrificing Security

Patient privacy is one of the pillars of the healthcare industry and complying with laws such as HIPAA that guarantee protections for an individual’s records should be an integrated part of daily operations. New digital solutions should not disrupt your ability to share or safeguard information effectively. Power PDF includes a range of features that enable providers to adequately protect data to ensure unauthorized access does not occur, preserving privacy.

Such features include the ability to quickly redact sensitive information alongside the ability to password protect any PDF, requiring authentication before access. Supporting the PDF 2.0 format, Power PDF offers users access to the format's built-in high-level encryption abilities, too. Enjoy the ability to create stronger passwords while retaining the ability to securely and safely share documents with other authorized care providers and insurers.

Power PDF Delivers a Feature-Rich Experience for the Healthcare Industry

In healthcare, it shouldn't be a pleasant surprise when software "just works" in its intended role — it should be the base standard.

  • Scan to searchable, editable PDF files. Eliminating paper from healthcare workflows entirely is a long-term goal, but in today's world, hard copies are still prevalent. Save time and avoid hand-keying information into computer systems by instead using Power PDF to turn those scans into something you can use.
  • Collate and combine multiple documents into one PDF. Produce a complete report for a patient on their prescription history, summarize invoices, and much more when you can easily manipulate several PDFs at once.
  • Work with files in PDF for insurance providers. Secure sensitive information and transmit it safely for review by insurers or put the entire feature suite to use in streamlining your documentation and interactions with insurance.
  • Enjoy easier training. Power PDF is easy to learn and master, with workflow optimizations designed with industries such as healthcare in mind alongside a familiar user interface that encourages faster adoption.

Integrate Your Practice with the Benefits of Power PDF

A digital document solution is a necessity in today's healthcare industry, and Power PDF provides a reliable foundation necessary for enhancing productivity. Make edits, secure documents and achieve HIPAA compliance, and safely share documents between patients and providers without the typical hassles associated with paperwork.

We are here to help not only today but well into the future. With ongoing development and an intensive focus on innovating features and workflows that allow healthcare providers to spend less time on patient paperwork and more with the patients, Power PDF offers a very cost-effective solution. Try it free for 15 days, then take advantage of our easy licensing options to deploy software that integrates seamlessly within your existing Microsoft ecosystem.

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