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Improve Efficiency in Government Offices With Power PDF

In governmental operations, standardization is the name of the game. From the local to the state level and beyond, every echelon of government involves an immense amount of interconnected communication and data-sharing. To ensure that information can flow easily between offices and departments, standard operating procedures are vital. For documents and forms, the PDF has long been one of the gold standards across industries, but particularly in government. Even the US FDA has a well-defined standard for how to use PDFs for agency business. Unfortunately, while the PDF format itself is a standard, the software to manipulate them currently on the market is anything but standard.

Though long dominated by big names such as Adobe Acrobat, such software leaves much to be desired, lacking critical features while also possessing a steep and unforgiving learning curve. Such concerns in government applications often translate to delays, unnecessary paper waste, and other problems. Kofax Power PDF delivers an alternative approach to how government departments use PDF — a solution with everything you need for effective operations in one place.

Power PDF Makes Document Collaboration a Simple Process

Government, though not a business, is ultimately about people coming to work together for a common goal. In other words, collaboration is a natural component of governing and an essential part of the day to day operations. When it comes to working on documents together, however, many governments continue to rely on outdated solutions or clunky cloud options that don't deliver the level of versatility necessary to produce faster results. That's to say nothing of how quickly things can grind to a halt when a team must work on a PDF together.

Why convert when you can collaborate? The benefits of Power PDF include native collaborative features, allowing users connected to the same secure network to work together in real-time on the same document. The result: inter-departmental work proceeds more efficiently. Should you need to switch formats for another purpose, though, you'll still be able to enjoy Power PDF's unrivaled accuracy in optical character recognition.

Create, Fill, Convert, Work: Power PDF Makes Quick Work of Forms

How do governments use PDF? Forms are one of the most common applications, both behind the scenes and in public-facing situations. The ability to create functional forms, especially those that other users can quickly fill out online, is one of the most fundamental tasks for any PDF software to accomplish. Power PDF makes it easier than ever, with Office-like toolbars that offer an intuitive learning experience. These powerful editing tools put control back in the user's hands.

Create the perfect form, or take an existing form in another format, such as .docx, and convert it into a PDF that you can work on without delay. Need to scan a hard copy instead? Power PDF will scrutinize the results with the same OCR technology for conversions, then create an editable PDF rather than merely leaving you with a clunky JPEG or TIFF file that you can't modify at all. At its core, Power PDF is a flexible solution designed to deliver the same type of everyday reliability and ease of use that we've come to expect from word processors and spreadsheet software. Why should PDFs be any different than the rest of the files we use regularly?

Maintain Security and Confidentiality in Sensitive Matters

There are few sectors aside from government that require the same level of routine security when dealing with documents. Not only is much of the work you may do, not for public release, but some of the PDFs these offices handle each day will contain truly sensitive information of a personal, financial, or operational nature. Controlling access to this data is crucial, not only between the government and the public but between the government and different levels of employees.

Again, Power PDF steps up to the plate. Use the latest rights managements systems built into Windows through effective integration or encrypt and password protect your PDFs with complex AES 256-bit encryption keys. You'll find the variety of tools necessary for robust security are all right here — not locked behind an additional paywall like you’ll find with Acrobat Reader.

Tap Into a Software Solution Designed for an Evolving Workplace

The effects of integrating Power PDF into a government office are easy to see almost right away. Tasks such as document error correction that previously took large chunks of time out of the day now take mere minutes. Scanning new documents with OCR, converting files from other departments, and creating new, easy-to-use forms are just a few of the things you can achieve with Power PDF. Say hello today for an overview of the cost-effective licensing options available.

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