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Bringing the Benefits of Power PDF to Financial Services Providers

Financial services make up one of the largest single industries in the world economy, averaging 20-30% of economic activity as of 2010. Considering the sheer amount of money that passes through digital channels, it’s no surprise that the financial industry continues to be one of the most integral components of every developed nation’s economy. Despite its wealth and importance, though, many financial firms are left using outdated software to handle PDFs.

Previously the only solutions to create, edit, and manage PDF for financial services relied on older programs such as Adobe Acrobat, or newer, untested clients. Now, Kofax Power PDF offers a genuine solution that protects your sensitive data while making it easier to do the vital work that you do. The benefits of Power PDF include improving the way that you onboard new clients, making it easier for your staff to produce essential reports for funds and investments, and allowing your team to work from anywhere without losing productivity.

Power PDF Makes It Easier to Bring on New Clients

No business would be anywhere without having a firm client base. As your marketing team develops creative ways to entice new clients to do business with you, are your onboarding procedures keeping them away or frustrating them? After all, you want your first impression to be a positive one after they agree to entrust you with their money.

Power PDF lets you create simple, easily-fillable contracts and forms that your clients can complete and submit digitally. You can entirely remove the steps where they must print out and sign documents. Instead, Power PDF integrates security and convenience into digital signatures so that your clients can respond immediately and start investing with you. You can also securely share documents, statements, and portfolio position assessments using our simple password protection and information redaction methods. Never again will convenience come at the cost of information security.

Simplify Client Management and Reporting

As you conduct your work, there’s a plethora of information regarding financial transactions, investment performance reports, and clients’ financial standing. Each client may have dozens of documents associated with their holdings, which only becomes more complicated as you track increasing numbers of clients. Rather than letting a glut of business pose organizational issues, Power PDF for financial services provides genuine benefits in the form of a simple way to manage your client reporting.

All Power PDF documents can be saved to and accessed from the cloud or a host of leading document management systems. Some of the systems that are integrated with Power PDF today include Evernote, Microsoft SharePoint, Hyland OnBase, iManage Work, EMC Documentum, NetDocuments and Worldox. As you accrue these documents, there are naturally going to be reports that you need to present to your clients. These reports incorporate numerous documents such as graphs, tables, and text documents, each of which must be compiled in the correct order and appropriately notated. As the reporting period progresses, your team can add these documents and images into a single reporting PDF with dynamic bookmarks. Don’t wait until the last minute to assemble beautiful reports when you can have the very way you organize your data produce the reports you need.

Empower Your Employees with Greater Flexibility

Another one of the benefits of Power PDF is the ability of your team to work from anywhere just as if they were in the office. As mentioned above, Power PDF connects to cloud storage that enables you to access the files you need from anywhere you have internet connections. As your marketing teams meet with new clients internationally or across state lines, they can immediately upload the relevant documents to the cloud. Then, your team at the home office can create the contracts that you need to onboard these clients and start work without added difficulties. Further, your team members can work remotely without compromising your security.

Work Like Tomorrow with Power PDF

Power PDF is an essential part of tomorrow’s workplace. PDF documents have long had the flexibility of being readable on any device, but now you can easily edit them, convert them between file formats, and share them between your workforce and clients. When you use Power PDF in your business, you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to adjust your workflow. You’ll immediately see the benefits, and while your team members will become more proficient with the program over time, its design so intuitively that your team will begin saving time on day one. Contact us to review the best way to secure Power PDF for your company.

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