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Enhance supplier relationships with a cloud-based portal

Supplier portal is a secure, SAP-based cloud solution that streamlines the invoicing process.


Reduce the cost of managing supplier invoices

Connect suppliers to Tungsten Supplier Portalâ„¢ to provide secure 24/7 access to up-to-date information for compliance and regulatory purposes. The portal works seamlessly with SAP system and boasts easy onboarding with no associated fees.

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Provide a simple solution for suppliers

Provide a simple solution for your suppliers

Suppliers log in to update data, enter invoice information, view purchase orders and convert into invoices. Even communication can be done within the portal.

Save time with self-service inquiries

Save time with self-service inquiries

Suppliers can view their own transactional details without engaging AP, saving time and allowing staff to focus on high-value tasks.

Improve supplier relations and maximize discounts

Improve supplier relations and maximize discounts

With self-service access to purchase-to-pay data, suppliers are informed about the status of invoices. Negotiate better discounts and leverage dynamic discounting with improved supplier service.

Meet government standards for e-invoicing

Meet government standards for e-invoicing

Remain in sync with emerging regulatory requirements that require companies to implement e-invoicing, reducing errors and automating electronic payments to tax authorities.


Why customers choose supplier portal

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Improves communication

Automate interactions and increase vendor visibility into the payment process. Improved communication leads to increased productivity, faster discrepancy resolution and timely, accurate payments.

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Efficiently manages cash

Receive invoices immediately and accurately to avoid late payment penalties, capture early payment discounts and enhance relationships with suppliers.

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No-cost onboarding

Reduce time to complete new supplier onboarding. Allow existing suppliers to self-register without sign-up costs.


How supplier portal can help


Existing suppliers can use invoice or purchase order detail to self-register.


Suppliers have access to transaction details, invoice status, payments and more without engaging AP.

Purchase order flip

Reduce invoice mismatches by allowing suppliers to turn a PO into an invoice in one easy step.


Suppliers access the system outside the firewall and are limited to their own transactional detail.

Submit electronically

Enhance communication by allowing suppliers to submit invoices and add notes and attachments.

Intuitive interface

Suppliers and AP staff can use the system without training, getting up and running in the portal in no time.

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