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Smart data capture and extraction

Tungsten PSIcapture's advanced, automated capture and data extraction turns documents and data into actionable information.


Empower people. Let technology do the rest.

Work doesn’t have to be tedious exercise in meaningless repetition. We can help you inspire your employees to think and solve problems, generating more value for your organization by automating grunt work.

Our solutions will enable you to boost productivity 300-400% by automating data entry, making information instantly accessible throughout your enterprise, and delivering real-time, actionable data to your executive team.

businesswoman looking at a tablet and documents


High-speed, high-accuracy capture ingests virtually any document from many different sources, including MFDs and watched folders.

Extract and classify

Extract and identify documents by type, using powerful automation tools that accelerate productivity.


Migrate your data to document management, line of business and ECM systems through either load files or direct connection.


Why customers choose PSIcapture

Proprietary n+1  processor balancing for OCR

PSIcapture can utilize four, eight, 12 or 16 core processors to increase power. OCR processing increases depending on how many processors are being used.

Accelerated classification engine (ACE)

ACE allows users to build classification rules in the middle of a workflow. Import documents and verify the automatic classification it’s completed during the workflow, rather than configuring rules prior.

Increased productivity and reduced cost

ACE accesses existing sets of indexed information, finds their location on the form and extracts the data, reducing a process that once took hours to under a minute. Time saved becomes money saved, and productivity is enhanced significantly.

Easy integration

With over 60+ ECM and file/folder types to choose from, PSIcapture integrates easily into your organization's ecosystem. Move files to ECMs like Microsoft SharePoint, DocuWare and OnBase or into a folder on your company server.


How PSIcapture can help

Multi-core OCR

With High-Performance OCR, PSIcapture uses up to 16 cores to read and recognize printed text at blinding speeds. High-volume users can realize text reading boosts up to 12X normal when OCR is utilized in a workflow.


PSIcapture can be trained to automatically identify and separate documents, eliminating the need for pre-scan separation and saving you precious time. This in-demand capability for Advanced Capture products is built in to PSIcapture.

eMail capture

Effortlessly and automatically ingest, process and migrate emails and their attachments to any number of final destinations. Easy set up for administrators with no end-user training required.

Table extraction

PSIcapture extracts each row as an individual record and posts it anywhere, including a database or an accounting system for easier, faster processing. Simultaniously push the individual index fields and images to other destinations as well.

PSIcapture Fusion

Take the pain out of indexing and validating

Ideal for teams that are spread out in several or many locations, PSIcapture Fusion utilizes a team-level organization with designated supervisors to maintain security and compliance, making the process of managing document queues simple. With a built-in barcode generator and seamless integration with PSIcapture, Fusion’s true integration allows you to leverage all the complex capture functionality of PSIcapture in front-end processing and provides a simple, seamless route to PSIcapture Fusion export.


Automatically queues documents that have been captured by PSIcapture.

Index & validate

Authorized users are able to perform manual indexing or validate automatically extracted data.


Processed documents are routed to the organization’s ECM system.


PSIcapture support

PSIcapture technical support

PSIcapture technical support

PSIcapture partner portal

PSIcapture partner portal
Case studies

What's your tomorrow?

Physical records are now reviewed and passed on to the imaging team for scanning. This has reduced our physical files down to minimal size and allows for retrieval of digital files through the SharePoint search feature. It also allows the business virtual access to the records 24 hours a day.
Joe Doe
Microsoft  Program Manager  for Corporate Records and Contract Automation
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The PSIcapture solution was able to achieve exactly what we were looking for and, with the advanced capture features that are available in the product, we are confident that we will be able to grow with the solution as our needs change. The implementation was very easy and delivered to our high expectation.
Mattia Ambrosi
Sitro Group IT Manger
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Store your documents where they  need to be

PSIcapture supports multiple ECM systems, so you can choose a system that specifically suits your unique needs.