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Tungsten ControlSuite 1.4 release highlights

Leveraging the latest in security, encryption and cloud innovation


Latest in security and encryption

ControlSuite 1.4 integrates Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 for the latest in cryptographic protocol. This benefits ControlSuite with the latest security, better privacy protection, faster connection establishment, improved throughput, and improved support for modern cryptographic algorithms. TLS 1.3 also helps ControlSuite protect sensitive data in transit and ensures the integrity of communications.
Simplified administration
Further enhancements have been added to the controlSuite security framework including the addition of Microsoft SQL as the security framework database. The reduced overhead makes for simpler deployment and faster administrative performance.
Continued cloud innovation
As our customers continue to shift their infrastructure to the cloud, ControlSuite 1.4 continues to build new features and functionality to extend support for modern cloud-based services.
Azure Active Directory

Native azure active directory integration

Direct integration with Azure Active Directory improves ease of deployment and adoption. Leverage multi-factor authentication and other Microsoft functions for a more consistent and secure experience that adheres to security best practices.

Azure SQL Connection

Azure SQL connection

The addition of Azure SQL enables you to leverage built-in benefits like automatic scaling, high availability and performance tuning for improved productivity and performance at a lower total cost of ownership.

Universal Print

API integration with universal print from microsoft

API integration with Universal Print from Microsoft enables you to print directly from the cloud, reducing bandwidth requirements and improving security. Simplified administration and an intuitive interface improve usability and make it easy to scale.


Integration with Tungsten printix

ControlSuite can be integrated with Tungsten Printix for further cloud enhancement such as the enablement of web print queues and facilitating print management for remote / homebased staff.

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