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Do more with Power PDF: Automate repetitive tasks with the sequencer and watched folder

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Watch our on-demand webinar where we walk you through how to automate repetitive PDF tasks using Power PDF's sequencer and watched folders features.

Putting the Customer First with Intelligent Automation

The webinar covers:

  • Creating sequences to automate common actions like adding watermarks, encrypting PDFs, deleting blank pages, and more. Execute sequenced tasks in one click.
  • Combining multiple sequences together to perform multiple PDF actions at once, streamlining workflows.
  • Setting up watched folders to automatically convert office docs to PDF just by dragging and dropping files.
  • Running sequences on watched folders in the background, even without having Power PDF open.

Key highlights include building sequences using the intuitive sequencer toolbar, managing and executing sequences for limitless workflows, and hands-on demos of watched folders for easy batch document processing.

Watch our on-demand webinar

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