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Print automation: 5 customer case studies on cloud-based print management

How to reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance security with a cloud print management solution.

With an increasingly distributed workforce, print management can be tricky. Employees may lack access to print servers, especially when working remotely or moving between offices or devices. Managing printing across multiple locations is labor-intensive and inefficient, wasting time and money. It’s also a security issue. How can you ensure your print management efforts are setting your company on the path to success and resilience?

Remote Printing Made Easy 5 success stories on print automation in the cloud

Leading organizations are leaving the hassle (and print servers) behind by making the switch to a tech and budget-friendly cloud print management solution.

Read five case studies to learn how to:

  • Improve productivity, reduce costs and increase efficiencies across a distributed workforce.
  • Simplify and streamline the printing process across multiple devices, operating systems and types of printers.
  • Support digital transformation efforts, aligning with your overall cloud journey, while maximizing security and compliance.

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