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Need To Edit a PDF Fast? Here's Why You Need Power PDF for Your Next Digital Conference

Even as more people return to the office and a new normal settles in, the need to connect with people for digital meetings remains. Advances in conferencing technology now make bringing together large groups of people worldwide much simpler. While travel can be time-consuming and expensive, you can meet virtually at a fraction of the cost. The ability to create and edit PDF files is a considerable asset when you're arranging a digital or hybrid conference.

Why? First, it's more likely that you'll have concerns about ‘big picture’ details, such as who will attend and when to schedule the meetings. However, PDF files provide the best way to distribute materials to your attendees. Software to make that possible, such as Kofax Power PDF, lets you tap into the key advantages of this format for digital conferencing. What are those?

Make It Easy to Share Information Widely and Quickly

The most basic benefit is also the clearest: using a PDF file ensures you can share information widely and quickly with everyone involved in the conference. It doesn't get much simpler than hosting a download link or sharing an email attachment. Because PDF files display consistently across devices, including in most mobile use cases, you can trust that everyone has the same information in front of them. In the run-up to the conference, you can use features such as Power PDF's collaboration tools to prepare your document for sharing.

Simplify Following Along With Content in Documents

With packets of information such as you might receive at an in-person event, people can spend too much time flipping between pages, trying to keep up with the topic of discussion. Even for a single important business meeting, the PDFs you use might be too long, especially if they summarize lots of important information. For a multi-day conference, you might discuss several different topics.

Using Power PDF to create a table of contents in your PDF is easy. So too, is building in bookmarks that require only a single click to take users to the right point in the document. You can even make it simple for users to jump to a PDF form at the end of a long file. The ease of use and convenience contribute to a better conference experience.

Create Fillable Forms for Fast, Secure Signing

Another key advantage to this format? You can easily make a fillable PDF that attendees can use for data entry. Imagine creating worksheets that everyone can mark as they follow along with a group discussion; for example—PDF is perfect for that.

Likewise, you can also use bulk PDF files to obtain more information from attendees. You could create a sign-and-fill workflow within a document that automatically transmits a completed, signed copy to a specific email upon submission. It's an excellent tool for gathering information, learning about leads, and more. The only limitation with forms for digital conferencing is your imagination.

See How Power PDF Improves the Way You Work

Putting together a successful digital conference is easier when you have a reliable way to edit the PDF files you'll share with attendees. From distributing documents for discussion to collecting signatures and information from interested participants, there is substantial flexibility in what you can do. With Power PDF in your software lineup, you can streamline your approach and ensure that every document is ready to go at launch. See how simple it is to get started when you explore a free trial.

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