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Which is the Best PDF Compressor?

Compared to years past, the price of data storage has practically never been lower per gigabyte. The availability of cheap but effective storage was one driving factor in the massive growth of cloud services that allow for safe, secure, and distributed storage of essential data. For businesses, this declining cost should be a boon — but modern companies also produce more data than ever before. Is the data storage infrastructure your business uses often under strain?

While IT pursues better and more cost-effective solutions, it's always prudent to make the best use possible of the space you have. Likewise, keeping files small helps avoid problematic attachment limits that can make it tough to send important paperwork to teammates or clients. When you want to compress a PDF to save space on disk, which software solution is the best one for the job?

What to Look For in PDF Compression

Quality is the key when it comes to compression. The most severe solutions can degrade image quality and reduce text legibility substantially. You do receive substantial space savings but at the cost of value and usefulness. Instead, look for software that supports lossless compression algorithms, such as Kofax Power PDF. Lossless compression reorders the data in a PDF into a more efficient arrangement, providing valuable file size reductions without compromising the quality of the document's contents. However, Power PDF also supports non-lossless compression when some degree of quality degradation is acceptable. Users can choose from several quality levels. When a very low-bandwidth version is necessary, we've also made it easy to remove all images, leaving behind a compact text version. This wide range of options makes Power PDF one of the most promising solutions on the market today.

Choosing a Solution That Supports Multitasking

What about the many stand-alone PDF compressors you see advertised across the web? These single-purpose programs promise to take a PDF file you put in and to spit back out a much smaller version. However, consider the drawbacks of such a program: you'll need to pay for licenses for software that can only perform one task. Why not bundle that functionality into a fully-featured PDF editor that provides business users with opportunities for many kinds of process improvements? The best PDF compressor is the one that lets you convert, create, edit, and share PDFs all under one digital roof.

Save Space and Time with Power PDF Today

To recap, businesses should select software based on its ability to support the company's entire mission while leveraging the latest advances in compression technology. At the same time, these features should be available to your users at a sensible price. Only Power PDF ticks all these boxes with ease. Contrast a one-time Power PDF license with the cost of an annual subscription to Adobe, and you'll see savings already in the first year, with a value that compounds over time to ultimately provide a 70 percent cost reduction over just the first three years.

Find out more today about how Power PDF could help your business save on storage space while enabling your teams to Work Like Tomorrow.

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