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What’s New in Kofax TotalAgility: Advanced AI and More Low-code, In Your Ecosystem

At Kofax, we’re focused on helping you continuously improve, simplify, and accelerate your initiatives with automation. Our latest release, TotalAgility 7.11, delivers a wealth of enhancements across the entire automation lifecycle, from optimizing data ingestion, to streamlining application development, and beyond.

Solving the Unstructured Data Problem

According to a 2021 SSON study, nearly half of the organizations surveyed estimate that 50% of their business data is unstructured. 86% of them say that the problem of unstructured data is impacting productivity.

At the heart of our TotalAgility platform is its AI technology, which enables lightning-fast extraction of hidden data in unstructured content. It now includes an enhanced AI engine for advanced table extraction. Users can easily and without any code train the engine to understand the meaning of tables and their content. The platform is just so powerful; it identifies and locates all these tables and extracts their data reliably. This streamlines content-intensive workflows involving financial statements, lab reports and utility bill processing that all include data-intensive complex tabular structures and many tables.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Integrate RPA With Your KTA Process

The convergence of process automation technologies, also known as Hyperautomation, continues to accelerate as organizations deploy technology against more complex business processes. Platform vendors that provide integrated capabilities spanning content capture through to RPA, orchestration, and low code are best positioned to support organizations in achieving Hyperautomation – and succeeding in their digital transformation initiatives.

TotalAgility 7.11 includes low-code enhancements that help business users build robust applications quickly. The new low-code Quick RPA designer continues the TotalAgility tradition of empowering citizen developers, this time with the ability to effortlessly orchestrate bots without the need to write a single line of code. The intuitive and low-code interface in TotalAgility 7.11 makes it easier for lines of business to create comprehensive solutions to address efficiency and scalability challenges for business-critical workflows.

Improved Governance, Security, and Cloud Posture

In addition to its cutting-edge AI and low-code capabilities, the TotalAgility Platform also features robust security enhancements to protect sensitive data. The platform supports storage of credentials and other sensitive data in external cloud repositories like Azure Key Vault or AWS Secret Manager. This allows enterprises to integrate with existing IT standards more seamlessly while also minimizing any sensitive data that is maintained within TotalAgility. Improved governance features such as solution rollback also allow for more efficient resolution of any issues that arise when a TotalAgility app is rolled out or updated.

With advanced AI, more low-code options, and stronger governance capabilities, TotalAgility 7.11 has everything your organization needs to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives. For a more detailed look into the features, check out our release notes.

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