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Tips On Optimizing Your PDF Documents For Web Viewing And Faster Downloads

Tungsten Power PDF allows you to share large swathes of information almost instantly. A PDF retains all the details and formatting from the original document while cutting down the file size. This compression makes it easy to send quickly and increases download speed for recipients.

There are a few things you can do to optimize your files for seamless sending and viewing. Following these steps will help you create optimal PDFs that will work on any computer and download immediately.

Only Use Web-Safe Fonts

When you create your PDF file, choose universal fonts that all web browsers support. The most popular web-safe fonts are Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri. Most devices come with these fonts preloaded, which means that the element will already be available when the PDF arrives.

It’s important to prioritize simplicity when sending large files. Sticking to simple fonts cuts down on the space required to download the document. The fewer decorative elements in a PDF, the better. If a document is formatted properly with headings and page breaks, borders will not be necessary. For the fastest sharing, remove any frills from your PDF.

Compress All Your Graphics

You should always condense all visuals in your content. If an image is not essential to the comprehension of the information, you should rather omit it. Pictures take the most time to load and can be difficult to share if links are lost or broken.

You should also be wary of any frequently recurring images, such as your company logo, which often appears on every page and can add up in a large document. Each time an image shows up, it takes up space and requires more data to download.

Power PDF has built-in compression software, easily accessible from the home page under the Reduce tab. Simply upload your image or document, and you will get your compressed file back in no time.

Choose the Correct Software

Power PDF makes collaboration simple by giving you all the tools you need to create, edit, compress, and share PDFs without the steep learning curve of many other PDF software. We believe managing your digital documentation should be uncomplicated.

If you need to edit a PDF, our software also makes combining PDFs, removing specific pages and shuffling pages around easy. Our mobile PDF app gives you the power to view, annotate, e-sign, and share your PDFs online, on the go, so you can stay in the loop no matter where you are.

Optimize for Fast Web View

Power PDF has a dedicated feature for optimizing PDFs for the web. This feature prioritizes the display of text first, followed by images, ensuring that the most important parts of your content load first.

Be sure to optimize every new PDF you create in the same way to keep your output consistent. Stick to the same fonts, colors, and layout to keep the file size down. Customers and colleagues will appreciate small document sizes and files that work every time.

Accessible Affordability

Power PDF provides professional tools to manage inter-office communications, e-filing, contracts, and more. Learning the software is quick, and it’s easy to use, intuitive, and robust enough to manage all your tasks–cheaper than other tools.

Why not take up our free trial offer to experience our powerful software for yourself? When you’re ready to buy, you pay once, and the software belongs to you forever. We offer free patch upgrades when necessary - and we’ll never ask you to pay a subscription fee.

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